As the holiday season begins, our summerhouses that have been untended during winter are brought to agenda again. You can have your summerhouse become more practical and pleasant with small touches in accordance with the fashion of 2015. We have gathered 15 ideas that consist of the trends of the season for your summerhouse:

  1. Choose light or pastel colors that evoke peacefulness and spaciousness such as ecru and yellow for the entrance. Mirrors that would make your summerhouse look roomier should be your main accessory at this part of the house.
  2. You can choose a small and short shoe rack that is usually placed right next to the entrance door and complete it with colorful poufs.
  3. The roomy and large look of your living room would give you peace. You should choose pastel colors in your living room, if you also want the place look plain and comfortable.
  4. Choosing small-size sofas would help you take advantage of the space. If you are hosting overnight guests often, go for sofa beds and select linen fabrics that are comfortable to use in the heat of summer.
  5. Instead of coffee tables, use sofa arm trays, which should save some space in your living room, just as a wall-mounted TV would…
  6. Create a complete look by choosing the same floor finish for both kitchen and living room. You should have open kitchens in small homes.
  7. Choose warm colors for the bedroom walls and use these colors for your curtains and duvets. You can select your furniture in light colors and small decorative items in bold colors.
  8. If you have two children, you can use bunk beds or trundle beds in accordance with their age.
  9. You can create an effect of integrity by using the same color for both your wardrobe and walls. You might want to use wardrobes with mirrored and sliding doors in small bedrooms to save some space.
  10. A colorful shower curtain, towels, and a good mirror would add a fresh ambience to your bathroom. Prefer a shower bath instead of a bathtub. Using small size ceramic tiles for kitchen or bathroom floors would make the space look larger.
  11. Balconies and patios are important parts of summerhouses. Choose compact but functional furniture for those areas. Benches are in fashion this year; complete them with colorful cushions. If there is no room for furniture, you can select large cushions and poufs.
  12. You can install a sunblind on the wall or have a parasol in a suitable size for your balcony to shelter from the sun and save some space.
  13. You can use scented candles, bracket lamps, wall-mounted lamps, or spotlights for lighting.
  14. Choose a weatherproof and wipeable wall painting against rain and humidity for your balcony. Sand based materials for floors prevent slipping as they create an elegant effect on ceramic and natural stone.
  15. Select hanging flowerpots and wall-mounted wrought iron pots to green your balcony.