Natural and fresh foods have become the biggest craving of people who live in big cities especially in today’s world. People would like to have access to nutritious foods wherever their sources are. Aslanoba Group became aware that tendency and established the brand called tazedirekt.com. The site has natural and fresh foods meet the targeted mass. Tazedirekt, which is assertive about especially red meat, has the orders of its members delivered directly to their doors in the freshest and the healthiest manner from Boğazköy Farm located at Mustafakemalpaşa district of Bursa. They grow and select fruits and vegetables within the same caring manner. We talked to Chairman of the Board of Aslanoba Hasan Aslanoba about the new projects.

One of the modernist stock farms of Turkey, Boğazköy Farm, which takes a land of 207,913 square meters, has the capacity to farm 1,200 big cattle and 5,000 small cattle. Tazedirekt.com becomes different from its competitors by presenting products derived only from the free-range animals that are grown away from stress in the fresh air of Boğazköy Farm. Only GDO free animal food is used in the farm and the animals get to relax by listening to classical music. This method provides tastier products. The products are packaged in Tazedirekt’s facility with *VST skin pack technology. Products don’t lose their freshness and nutrients by means of this technology. In other words, a modern meat packing facility that belongs to Tazedirekt is integrated to the system. The safe handling and tastiness of the products are secured without an intermediary. Bostandere, which is among the most important organic farming practice fields with a land of 1,100 decares, brings forward the health and taste in agriculture. Chairman of the Board of Aslanoba Hasan Aslanoba comments: “Tazedirekt.com is an online business model that we established to meet fresh and organic food needs of people.”

Closes an important gap
Expressing that they answer the consumers’ need to access organic, natural, and reliable fresh foods, Hasan Aslanoba says, “Our initiative, which we started its operation in Bursa as our pilot city in March 2014, began to serve in İstanbul since December. We deliver to Ataşehir, Kadıköy, Ümraniye, and Üsküdar in the Anatolian Side of İstanbul. We plan to deliver to all parts of İstanbul in short term, and our long-term plan is to deliver to Ankara and İzmir. Our target is to turn Tazedirekt.com into a billion dollar business. Although, e-trade sector has grown large, market shopping didn’t develop much. We have noticed the gap in this field and decided to close it. Our focus is fresh and organic foods; however, in accordance with customer requests we also present different type of products. Right now, we have over two thousand products. We are going to increase this number more. Since we work customer oriented, we can deliver your order the next day at a time specified by you. We plan to have a wider product scale. We also would like to list products that are hard to locate. We plan to build a strong communication with the local producers to materialize our wish.”

Larger product range
The care given to meat production is also shown when selecting and growing the best vegetables and fruits. Vegetables come to your table from the local orchards, and farms that grow products naturally and organically without the use of pesticides and hormones. Hasan Aslanoba, stating that they target to become a brand that comes to mind first at food shopping, continues his words: “We work in the fields of technology, operation, and product range with care. We won’t give up on our sensitivity about our product range. We target to stock gourmet and local products, which are hard to reach, at all times. We also consider supporting local farmers, whose products don’t take place at market shelves. We want to increase the number of products to five thousand and increase our product range. Moreover, we are targeting to present products to people who have to follow special diets to make life a bit easier for them. For example, it is important to us to answer the needs of people with diabetes or with food allergies.”