5 Ways of Wearing White

5 Ways of Wearing White

White, considered to be among the riskiest colors to wear for every body type and in every season, will not be a frightening choice when used in the right pieces or combined with the appropriate colors.

Fashion designers, who state that you should not be afraid to wear white, say that summer-winter does not matter, the color and elegance of white color should be utilized. We have compiled for our readers the five easy ways to push back the dark colors in your wardrobe to make space for white pieces…


If you’re afraid to wear white alone; You can take the first step by getting help from its black double. A black jacket with a white dress or vice versa will allow you to warm up to the white color.


The most ambitious and most difficult decision would be to dress completely in white. But if you combine the right pieces and the right shades, you get a stylish look. Imagine yourself in white trousers, a white turtleneck sweater, and a coat that extends to the ground… You’ll look amazing.


In these days that we cannot get out of the winter cold, you can look very elegant by choosing to wear a white coat. A cotton sweater, a pair of wide-legged trousers, and a white coat you will get on your shoulders… Do not mind the rain and mud, just enjoy the white.


When you are dressed in white, you can use a different color of bag or shoes. If you mix the combination of white with a red, blue or purple bag, nobody will be able to get ahead of your elegance.


Put aside the habits of the years and step into innovation. No more black or brown boots but white… Make your style talk!  You can take even a combination of black away from being ordinary by wearing white boots. You just have the desire for it and don’t be afraid to try.