750 Billion TL Investment in Transportation

750 Billion TL Investment in Transportation

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, participated in the opening of the 4th International Highways, Bridges and Tunnels Special Fair.

Minister Turhan, who made the opening speech of the fair, said that the changes that took place in this age when technology was developing at a dizzying speed had a great impact on all areas of life, especially the transportation sector. Stating that it has a modern transportation network developed in accordance with international standards, planned and implemented by considering its integration with each other, Turhan emphasized that they are working with all their power to improve this further. Underlining that they have made significant progress in all modes of transport, Turhan said that projects such as Marmaray and Gebze-Halkalı Suburban Line, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, İstanbul Airport, Osmangazi Bridge and İstanbul-İzmir Motorway, Eurasia Tunnel contributes to the power of Turkey in the international arena, while roads, highways, bridges, tunnels create the backbone of the work.

“750 billion lira for transportation in 17 years”

Turhan reported that from village roads to urban transportation, while renewing national road network and upgrading the standards from beltways to divided highways, from tunnels to bridges, on the other hand, they make the international corridors that go over Turkey in the east-west and north-south direction functional. Turhan pointed out that over the last 17 years, they have spent more than 750 billion lira on transportation and infrastructure services. Turhan emphasized that in this process, the development of freight and passenger transport on the highways is almost revolutionary; he said that the divided road network, which was 6,101 kilometers and connected only 6 provinces, is today over 27,000 kilometers and connects 77 provinces. Turhan said that the road network, which was 1,714 kilometers, is increased by 1,322 kilometers in the last 17 years and now it is 3,036 kilometers and he reported that 38 percent of the 68,229 km road network has been delivered to BSK standards for comfortable transport and long-lasting roads.

“We are targeting to built 5,556 km road by BOT model”

Expressing that they have been planning to construct a total of 5,556 kilometers of a highway by build-operate-transfer (BOT) model by 2035, Turhan said, “597 kilometers of these projects are still under construction. We have completed the planning of the Multi-Storey İstanbul Tunnel and we will soon come to the contracting stage.” Turhan also gave information about high-speed train works and he said that 45% of the existing train lines have been signalized and 70% of them are targeted to be made power signalized by 2023.