If you’d like to taste the Neapolitan style pizza made by a real Italian, you should definitely try Pizzeria Il Pellicano in Moda, Istanbul. Thirty years old Salvatore Cannetiello and his spouse Irmak Cannetiello gain popularity by means of their delicious pizzas that are baked in wood fire in the cozy ambience of Pizzeria Il Pellicano that was founded by the couple sixteen months ago. The greatest helper of Salvatore Cannetiello is his spouse Irmak Cannetiello who is also a talented chef.

Provided consultancy service on the art of pizza making
Salvatore Cannetiello has enjoyed working in the kitchen since the age of fourteen. He comes from a family that has been in pizza making for the last three generations in Napoli, Italy. He learned the fine details of pizza making during his childhood with his cousins from his father, grandfather, and uncle. Salvatore Cannetiello who says that they opened their first pizzeria in Napoli under the brand of ‘Da Gennaro’ states that the name of the pizza chain was changed to Pizzeria Il Pellicano later and right now they have one restaurant in Kenya, one in Milano and two in Napoli. Cannetiello who came to İstanbul 4.5 years ago for the first time to give consultancy for the opening of the Italian restaurant called Rossopomodoro mentioned that he met his wife Irmak Cannetiello there.

Working as the pizza coordinator of an establishment that offers Neapolitan cuisine restaurant franchises to different points of the world, Salvatore Cannetiello trained many local pizza chefs thanks to his consultancy services on the fine details of the art of pizza making. He has been frequently visiting many countries such as Japan, the USA, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, England, Saudi Arabia, France, and Sweden within his job definition. Combining his experience both in family restaurant business and consultancy services, Salvatore Cannetiello believed that it was time to open his own restaurant and materialized this decision with his wife Irmak Cannetiello in Moda, İstanbul.

The pizza dough is rested for 24 hours
Salvatore Cannetiello says that he loves İstanbul, especially the Anatolian side. He thinks that living in İstanbul is very pleasant except the hardness of finding a parking spot and dealing with the busy traffic. Cannetiello who has the parmesan, mozzarella, and ricotto cheeses that are used in pizza making brought from Italy is very particular in the kitchen. He prepares about 90 pizzas on average for each Saturday and Sunday. This number drops down to sixty on weekdays. The dough is prepared a day ahead and rested for 24 hours. Cannetiello gives a tip to homemakers: “When you knead leavened dough, try to rest it for 24 hours at room temperature. Anything made from leavened dough, which is fermented and rested for a long time is digested comfortably. This is the biggest reason that the Italian pizzas don’t cause any discomfort to your stomach.”

Cannetiello who mentions that pizza making is a special kind of passion says, “I worked with my family for a long time. At first, I used to slice mushrooms and grate cheese. I observed the important details of pizza making on site. One day, a friend of my father came and I made my first pizza for him. Later, that guest asked my father that who made the pizza and told him that he hasn’t eaten a pizza that delicious before in his life. I have been making all my pizzas with the same passion since that day.”

Pizza making is meditation to him
Salvatore Cannetiello who doesn’t use a rolling pin and shapes the pizza dough with his hands is bonded with this profession at heart. He says, “Making my guests happy with the specials that I prepare, chatting with them, and seeing them leave here happy make me forget my weariness. Our guests have begun to get used to the real pizza culture focusing on the Italian pizza. What I do is like meditation. I empty my mind as I prepare the pizzas. I am so particular about presenting the hot pizzas that come out of the stone oven.” He also mentions that they make different types of pizzas that do not exist on the menu for their frequenters depending on their wishes.

The real Italian pizza is the plainest one
According to Cannetiello, the real Italian pizza is the one with the plainest taste. Marinara, which is prepared with tomato sauce, garlic, thyme, olive oil, and basil, and Margherita, which is prepared with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil, are among the favorite pizzas of Cannettiello. Eighteen different types of pizzas are prepared in Pizzeria Il Pellicano. Calzones, and pizzas with meat toppings such as pepperoni and calf ham are among the popular ones. Salvatore Cannetiello who states that they want to enrich the starter entree menu in the medium term emphasizes that they are going to add some specials from the Southern Italian cuisine to the menu as well as some pasta specials.

5 spesiyalin foto altları:
2-Calzone(kapalı pizza gibi olan)
3-Bruschetta (domates dilimli ekmekler)
4-Vegetariana (sebzeli pizza)

Ingredients for the pizza dough: 500 ml of water, 800 grams of flour, 30 grams of salt, 3 grams of fresh yeast.
Ingredients for the filling:  100 grams of ricotta cheese, 70 grams of calf ham, 30 grams of tomato sauce, 60 grams of grated mozzarella, 1 tbsp of olive oil.
Directions: Mix the salt, water, and yeast well. Knead the dough well while adding 800 grams of flour slowly. Rest the dough for 24 hours at room temperature. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees. Roll the dough out. Place the filling that consists of tomato sauce, cheeses, ham, and olive oil. Fold it in the middle. Bake for about 25 minutes.