Understanding children and being able to get into their world require overtime. The most important thing is to find and create activities that will nourish their minds and entertain them as well. We should invest in our children for a better world. If you are looking for noteworthy activities to do with your children, take a look at our recommendations, because the brightness of our future is in direct proportion to their happiness.

Children are curious about the capital of Turkey. There are many places to see in the center of Ankara. Anıtkabir and the Barış Park that are located at the Tandoğan Square are among the impressive landmarks visited often. Atatürk Forest Farm, where Atatürk’s house is located, offers picnic areas, playgrounds for children, a museum, and Gazi Forest Farm Park. The toy exhibition of the Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koç Museum that organizes training workshops and exhibits on industrial and technological works might also attract children’s interest. The works that were developed in the fields of science and technology from all over Anatolia are exhibited at the Science and Technology Museum in ODTÜ, which is among the best universities of Turkey with a great campus. A natural wonder, Eymir Lake, which is also located at the ODTÜ campus, offers a zone to breathe for children who want to have a picnic or ride their bicycles.

Ankara classics
People who live in Ankara long for sea; however, the solution to that for children is so easy: Aqua Vega Aquarium. The tunnel part of the aquarium is especially impressive and there is also a diving school within the aquarium. Ankara University has a toy museum. The Museum of the Anatolian Civilizations is a real treasure with its sections that would grab children’s interest. You can spend time at the Gençlik Park with its pools, basketball courts, soccer fields, and amusement park. The Museum of the National War of Independence (I. TBMM building), the Museum of the TCDD Railways, the Castle of Ankara, the first penitentiary in the Republic’s history, Ulucanlar Penitentiary, which is now a museum, may be interesting to visit for older children. Kuğulu Park (Swan Park) in Tunalı Hilmi is an Ankara classic for the whole family without a doubt.

Cappadocia equals to a fantastic playground for a child: trekking among the interesting formations in the valley; watching an unbelievable geography from a hot-air balloon; crossing rivers on the back of a horse; observing the colors of the Kızıl (red) Valley; climbing up to the churches inside the fairy chimneys; play a guessing game about what the fairy chimneys look like by putting your imagination to work at Devrent; making pottery covered in mud with the help of a craftsman from Avanos; staying at cave hotels.

A magical atmosphere for children
This generous geography enchants children as well as adults. Another location of Cappadocia, which is not visited often; however, not to miss, is the Selime Cathedral that is carved in rocks at the Ihlara Valley, which is one hour away from Ürgüp. It is the largest monastery in the region. This place is full of surprises for a child because of its narrow passageways, tunnels, and smoothly curved rocky formations. Do not miss to see the Ihlara Valley while you are here. It would be pleasant to stop for lunch at one of the restaurants located at the banks of the creek. Famous pumpkin seeds roasted in milk are among the delicious local flavors.

Turkey’s first butterfly museum is as large as 56 soccer fields. The Tropical Butterfly Garden and Bug Museum of Konya is an extraordinary journey. The place is filled with amazing and educational stories of another world for both children and adults as well. Butterflies fly freely in the conservatory at the Tropical Butterfly Garden, which has the largest butterfly flying field of Europe. You can observe a butterfly’s life cycle closely thanks to the butterfly behavior and butterfly classification exhibits. You can also see butterflies and bugs in their own environments.

Everything about butterflies
Having this place enter among the world’s largest butterfly banks and exporting butterfly collections that are going to be produced here at the center, which will bring together ten thousand butterflies, to many parts of the world are being planned. Children can obtain nature trainings in various classes that sounds fun such as Benekli (speckled), Pırpır, Sivri (pointy), Uzun (long), and Vızvız (buzzbuzz). They can also see parrots as well as 15 species of butterflies of the tropical nature. Walking trails, picnic grounds, a manmade mountain and a waterfall, ponds, and the Bug Museum can be enjoyed at the Butterflies Valley Park. The Tropical Butterfly Garden that is the home to the world’s largest stag beetle and the butterflies that are the masters of disguise is also breathtaking with its architecture.

If you would like to practice visiting a European city with your child first, Eskişehir will serve to this purpose. The Fairytale Castle that is located at the Sazova Park, which covers three thousand three hundred square meters of land, is among the places that impress children the most. The castle, which is surrounded by a moat, consists of 26 towers and terraces in sum. Eight of the towers resemble the famous towers of Turkey. You can ride around the park by train that you can hop on/off freely at the stops. Once Upon a Time Street is a magical world, where you can see many of the fairytale characters walking around. It is possible taking tours in here. If you would like to take a look at how pirates live, pay a visit to the Pirate Ship.

The largest planetarium of Turkey takes place in the Sabanci Space House. Full Dome Adventure takes children to a journey through places in time. They can watch 3D films and listen to commentaries along with streaming images of the space that are obtained from NASA and ESA. Concepts such as sound, pressure, balance, and mechanics are exemplified on life; and what to do during an earthquake is demonstrated through an earthquake simulator at the Scientific Experiments Center where the tours are organized by the science communicators.

Devrim Automobile is at TÜLOMSAŞ
The first artificial beach of Turkey is at the Kentpark. The park also has playgrounds, a pond full of aquarium fish, and a manege, which is popular among the little ones who enjoy riding horses. The Wax Museum, the Contemporary Glass Arts Museum, which organizes workshops, Odunpazarı, which is an old settlement of the city, TÜLOMSAŞ where the Turkey’s first indigenous car Devrim (Revolutionary) Automobile is exhibited, the Eti Underwater World that exhibits different types of fish from around the world and the Aviation Museum can be visited. If the weather is nice, a boat tour at the Porsuk Creek or more interestingly a gondola tour is going to make the kids happy. Having a taste of the traditional flavors of the city such as çiğbörek, boza, and Balaban kebob is going to complete your Eskişehir experience.

Despite the chaos in İstanbul, the city never loses the title of being a magical city for children. Although, children have recently been forced to shopping malls, finding activities in different fields are still possible. The largest nature adventure park of Turkey, which takes place in a forest on the way to Kemerburgaz, Forestanbul combines adrenaline and fun by means of its zip line, paintball, climbing wall, and archery zones.

Anatolian tour at Miniatürk
Miniatürk where the 1/25 sized models of Turkey’s noteworthy buildings and historical structures are exhibited in Sütlüce takes the visitors to a tour around Anatolia. While you are there, do not miss to visit the Rahmi M. Koç Museum located at the Halic front. It feels like a travel in time among the antique cars, wagons, submarine, old bicycles, objects related to industry and engineering dating from different periods of history and from different countries. It is also possible to experience how some tools and devices work. Painting, astronomy, sculpting, puppetry, filmmaking, navigation, dance, and drama workshops are held at Fenerbahçe Vapuru (ferry) on the weekends. Planetarium-Discovery Globe, submarine, nostalgic railroad trip, Haliç tours by boat are among the popular activities.

Toy Museum
Founded by the author Sunay Akın, İstanbul Toy Museum, which is located in Göztepe, is an interesting location for children. The museum, which is unique with its décor and exhibit presentation, exhibits the interesting samples of toy history from the 1700s until today. Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Museum in Üsküdar is a first in Turkey. Children who join the workshops make their own kites and then fly them. Works and animations on the groundbreaking events of history such as making pottery, the invention of money and paper take place at the Toy Museum section of the world-famous Archeology Museum of İstanbul in Gülhane.

İTÜ Center of Science and the others…
İTÜ Center of Science that presents the theories related to optical illusion, mechanics, energy, mathematics, space, airplane, vibration, wave, sound, and physics through practical applications; Paşabahçe Glass Workshop that organizes workshops; Jurrasic Land in Forum İstanbul; Underwater Amusement Parks İstanbul Aquarium and Sealife in Florya; Turkey’s first indoor center of ski and snow games Snowpark; the Ottomanya Interactive Ottoman Museum; the first indoor theme park of Turkey Moi Park; Butterfly Farm in Beykoz; KidZania where children get to learn about new professions are among the places that İstanbul has to offer for kids.