I just wanted to listen to Greek music at a traditional place. The most popular islands of Greece such as Mykonos and Santorini had everything from wonderful restaurants to sophisticated art galleries; however, there was no live Greek music. Thank God, that the people of our neighboring country love to make live music in front of their doors just as we do, so I could listen to some familiar tunes while walking along the streets. A few friends were both playing and singing together spontaneously. They took me in as a ‘neighbor’ and had me play and sing with them.

Mykonos and Santorini are popular, touristic, and expensive. However, there are many reasons to visit these islands. Santorini with its geography and Mykonos with its free spirit are tempting. Aesthetics and arts carry the joy of travel to another dimension in these islands that are also famous with their beaches. Let’s not forget the shopping centers that are frequently visited by celebrities.

Here is a pleasure guide for the neighboring islands that would grab attention of art lovers, gourmets, and the people who are after a blue voyage:


It is impossible not to become mesmerized by the beauty of Santorini, while watching the sunset, laying on a lounge chair, and listening to classical music. Santorini is a dream sanctuary for some with its colorful rocks, red and black beaches along the sea that’s stolen the color of the sky, snow-white cubic settlements, and the Byzantine churches with their blue domes, despite the strong effects of tourism. Let aside the architecture of the island, which is both preserved and aestheticized, Santorini achieves to be both natural and extraordinary.

A magnificent sunset
The most gorgeous sunset in the island is at Oia. It almost turns into a crowded ceremony. The elegant and romantic hotels with the best view are in here. Restaurants, cafes, ceramic workshops, jewelry shops, and boutiques line up along the white marble street of Oia.

At eagle’s nest
The capital of the island, Fira, connects to the harbor from the hillside where it is located through a road with 600 steps and a telfer. It is possible to climb down the steps on donkeys. Fira houses that are carved into rocks side by side face the volcano in the middle of the eternal blue.

History under the ashes
The inspiration of Plato’s Atlantis story… You can see the city of Akrotiri that was conserved under the ashes of the volcano for centuries, and you can visit the Prehistoric Thera Museum in Fira to see the frescos and ceramics.

Flavors with view
The restaurants in Santorini are striking not only with their flavors but also with their locations. Watch the blue behind the sunset at Feredini Restaurant. Ammoudi Restaurant, which is located at the harbor, shows off the talent of the Greek people at cooking seafood and fish.

Fish therapy
Spa therapy with fish suits this classy island. The fish remove the dead skin cells from your feet at Kissing Fish. It is relieving to know that the fish don’t have teeth; they don’t bite, they kiss.

From hand crafted puppets to icons
Anthemion is one of the colorful shops of the island. The chat with its charismatic sales person who satisfies your curiosity makes the time spent here meaningful. Hand crafted puppets are sold at the shop. Olive wood, glass, and ceramic items are sold at Anemi Artcrafts, which was turned into a shop from an island house’s kitchen and living room. Dimitris Koliousis, who paints Byzantine and Russian icons on wooden doors that are imported from İstanbul at the icon workshop, is also the creator of the most famous church of the island, Panagia Episkopi.

Canaves Oia Hotel & Suites, ‘canaves’ means ‘cave home’ in Greek, is among the most luxurious 25 hotels of Greece.

After swimming at the Red Beach, the White Beach, and in the thermal waters of the volcano, having a barbecue on the boat during the catamaran tours is savory.


With its stone pavements painted to white and windmills, Mykonos is the island of the winds. It is believed that the winds carry away the worries. Maybe that is why Mykonos is the craziest among the Greek islands. It is fancy and elegant with its beaches, restaurants, shops, and art galleries. The island has become a brand that celebrities drop anchor in its waters, eat at its restaurants, and shop at its shops. It may not be easy to see the traces of the traditional life in Mykonos, but you can always see friendly faces and modest places on the back streets.

The beaches in Mykonos
It is possible to reach the beaches of the island through air or sea. Share boats depart from the Ornos Beach. Paraga, Agrari, Aghios Ioannis, Super Paradise, and Aghios Sostis are among the most famous beaches of the island.

Sightseeing at the island
You might run into a few small museums while walking on the streets of the island in the evenings. Don’t ask ‘what is a museum doing at a leisure island?’ These museums help you look at the island from a different perspective: The Maritime Museum, which displays boat models unique to the island, and the house that was endowed to the island by faithful Lena. The house used to belong to a 19th century middle class family. Don’t miss the enchanting ruins and the museum at the Delos island, where Apollo and Artemis were born. You can take a day-trip to the island by boat.

Fit for gourmets
It is hard to compete with Mykonos restaurants when it comes to seafood. Many traditional restaurants such as Kounelas, a fish tavern located on a narrow street, Porto Ornos Restaurant, a modest place with a beach view, Bakalove that makes Greek specials, Kalammakia Grill House, famous with its souvlaki, take place at the island. Besides those, add Koursaros, a popular restaurant among the Turkish people, Familia, which has a great courtyard, and Alegro with a sea view to your list.

An island where celebrities shop
Let aside the sophisticated shops that their fame get beyond the borders of Greece, even staring at the colorful shop windows is pleasant in Mykonos. When we say shopping, we don’t only mean shopping for clothing items. The Greek jewelry designs are also famous. Among all the luxury, there is always place for the traditional; Mykonos is well known with its handcrafted boats. Visit Kostas, Rabias, and Sandals’ to see them.

Churchill’s cookies
It is an award winner bakery, which its history goes back to 1921. Skaropoulos that is famous with its special candies is 1.5 km away from the center. Winston Churchill had praised bakery’s candies. Their specialties are ‘amygdalota,’ which is a dessert made with almonds, or Churchill’s favorite, almond cookies.

Don’t say ‘Such art works for an island!’
Some galleries move from Athens to the island for the summer, many of them display striking art works and designs that you wouldn’t expect to see at a leisure destination. While the famous Greek artists’ works are displayed at Scala Gallery; Rarity Gallery, The Big White Gallery, and Efimerides grab attention as the aesthetic and mind opening galleries of the island.

Saint John is a luxurious resort hotel that offers a blue landscape with its private beach right in front of it and the place is pretty popular thanks to its location in Mykonos.

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