Fadik Sevin Atasoy is in high spirits these days because just as she quotes she is living ‘the most productive time of her life.’ She writes, plays, and translates. Her name also appears in fashion, art, and design fields. She can still make time for sports and preparing tabouleh for her American neighbors. We had a pleasant online interview with Fadik Sevin Atasoy who says, “I have created a miniature Turkey for myself.”

Let me start by asking how you are.
I am living the most productive, balanced, and joyful time of my life.

You say that this is your most productive time, what have you been doing these days?
We almost became incorporated in America where I have come with only a red case. I have established a company with my partner Ayşecan Vargı Akalın a year ago. It is Los Angeles and New York centered. We named the company as ‘Red Case Entertainment’ after my red case. We offer services such as product locating, promotional designs, catalog, video, and fashion show organization to the companies that target the international arena in textile, design, and fashion industries. We also started the US representation of our fashion designers.

With all these going on, you also wrote ‘Fadik and the Red Case’…
Yes, I wrote it after taking notes for six years. I have received many messages from my readers since it was a fiction. Now, the translation process has begun from Turkish to English. The representative of the publishing house here in the US gave me a green light to publish it in 2015 after reading only two chapters.

Can you tell about the synopsis for the readers who haven’t read it yet?
Our heroin is in her 30s. She meets with the love of her life but then she loses him because of her fears. One day she finds a magic case, and it is actually a talking one. This Red Case takes our heroin to an inner journey as well as a real life journey. She gives up playing it safe and goes after the man she loves. There is only one way for her now: believing in her Red Case. Is she going to be able to overcome her fears, find her real self and get the man she loves with the help of her Red Case?

What about your acting career, how is it going?
We are getting ready for the 2015 premier of my one-person play that is going to be on stage in Los Angeles. Che’Rae Adams, Director of Capshaw-Spielberg Art Center, directs the play. I am going to be playing five different women. The play, which is named ‘Muse’, is in English language and it is based on the fight of a muse who wants to become a human. DJ Harper composed the music for the play. I am writing it in English under my director’s consultancy. I couldn’t get enough of writing when I was working on Fadik and the Red Case, now I am busy with writing a play. We are planning a tour, which is going to include New York, Istanbul, and Edinburgh, for Muse.

I think it would be fair if we would call you an American now… Are you considering moving back to Turkey?
I have never considered myself as being away from Turkey. The USA has given me special privileges in regards to my special talent status. I take that as a responsibility. I’d like to ensure that our country’s talent and success in this field become noticed in America, and therefore to create an international appreciation that we deserve. Nothing is more valuable than knowing that we open the door to new talents with the services we offer.

Do you have any neighbors? Let’s say… Do you knock on the door of a neighbor for morning coffee?
I have great neighbors. We have traditional Thursday picnics at the beach. Most of my neighbors are American but they’ve become accustomed to my dishes and now they keep asking me to make navy bean salad, and tabouleh for them. I had many visitors from Turkey and I took them to our picnics, too.

Is there a tradition of knocking a neighbor’s door announcing ‘I have made stuffed grape leaves for you’ there?
I have an Australian neighbor and she is a great fond of Turkey and asked for my pastry recipe a while ago. I even taught them to come underneath my window and call my name. Making it short, I have created a miniature Turkey for myself.

Do you think that things are happening in Turkey and you are missing them all?
I am following closely. Nothing gets by me.

How are the friendships there? Is it possible to make friends immediately as here in Turkey is?
I have great friends here. My friends in Turkey also keep me company. They visit me often. My biggest wealth in this world is that I always make good friends. This is one area that I am lucky the most. In addition, I can make friends fast wherever I go. I have lived in different parts of the world and I never felt lonely.