A Touch of Embroidery to Clothing

A Touch of Embroidery to Clothing

After graduating from the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema of the Faculty of Communication at Atatürk University, Ceren Geyik Çandır came to İstanbul and worked at Kanal D and Elma Vizyon TV channels.

Afterward, she inclined toward the retail sector and joined the management trainee program of OXXO brand in 2004. After working for OXXO for 11 years as a store manager, product-sales development, product manager, and country manager for Saudi Arabia, Çandır served as Iran’s country manager of the adL brand. She felt that this intense tempo did not match her personality as time passed and she chose a design-oriented career path. Having resigned from work in September 2018, Çandır has been designing custom T-shirts and shirts with embroidery designs under the CeresbyCeren brand since March 8, 2019.

She also designs decorative and promotional products

Ceren Geyik Çandır, who has modified every outfit she has bought since the age of 15 and enriched it with special details, aims to present her talent to her target clients of different segments with the CeresbyCeren brand after taking a break from corporate life. Çandır, who embroiders different models to 100 percent cotton t-shirts and shirts via computerized embroidery machines, said, “I buy some of the pattern designs from global sites. The other part is designed according to the demand of our clients. I turn these designs into embroidery with the help of the designers. Then I upload these patterns to the computer and start embroidering process. Customers decide on the color of the design they want. You can achieve a more dominant color tone by crossing over some machining areas several times. Although I started working with these designs a short time ago, I reached an important audience through social media. My target audience is able to personalize the designs they desire.” Inclining toward embroidering denim skirts, jackets, and jeans as well as t-shirts and shirts, Çandır tells the story of how the brand’s name was decided: “The name of the goddess of fertility Ceres came up while I was searching for mythological gods. I decided the brand name to be CeresbyCeren because it was representing the abundance that came with hard work and also it was consistent with my first name. Apart from clothing, I also make different accessories. I work on concept pillowcases, decorative products, bags, business sets with organizers and tablets, and promotional products. The notebooks that are embroidered by name or to reflect a person’s hobby are also on the agenda. I also came to terms with a printing press on this issue.”

She is working on new collections

Ceren Geyik Çandır, who designs an average of 6 products per day, underlines the need for high-resolution photographs in custom works. Çandır prefers to proceed with applicable details which can be symbolized in such orders. Expressing that mother-daughter collections are preferred, Çandır said, “One of the biggest deficiencies of the sector is the lack of mother-son themes. I have different studies on this subject. Our customer profile is mainly working women. I can ship the products to my customers who reside in Turkey quickly. I have a lot of pattern alternatives. But if my client has a different idea in mind, he/she tells me in detail.  I’m also doing research on global sites selling embroidery designs. After finding the appropriate pattern, I complete the embroidery process and ship the product within 7 days of the order at the latest. I also have customers who want a photo to be embroidered on shirts and t-shirts. At this point I offer them alternatives like tables, pillowcases, notebooks. The embroidery on shirts and t-shirts can last for years without deformation; however, the t-shirts and shirts are deformed over the years. For this reason, immortalizing a photograph of a spiritual value by embroidery on a different material other than clothing is a more lasting gift alternative.”

Embroidery cafe

Ceren Geyik Çandır prefers the best quality of colored floss thread, cotton shirts, and t-shirts. Çandır realizes her designs by a computerized sewing machine that uses a single thread and switches thread for every color. Therefore embroidery process varies from 25 minutes to 3.5 hours depending on the difficulty of embroidery, content, number of stitches. 2020 goal of Çandır is to purchase a 12-needle computerized sewing machine, with the help of which she can also focus on different designs. In addition to women, Çandır, who is also focused on product designs for men, will also accelerate her works on the father-son concept. Ceren Geyik Çandır, who plans to open an embroidery cafe in İstanbul in 2021, explains this dream as follows: “I focused on these designs because people wanted me to. I want to design a place where we can all have coffee with guests and chat together, and they can choose from catalogs with embroideries they want to run on their shirts or t-shirts at another section of this place. I will design a place where they can instantly purchase a pattern and have it embroidered on the shirt or t-shirt of their choosing via the computerized sewing machines.”