A Vacation in Peace

A Vacation in Peace

Vacation means something different to every tired person. There are also different categories of vacationers.

Hitting the bottom of both fun and relaxation is an option. Some looks for crowded places and streets, bedazzling shops, and loud music while some others only seek for peace. Here is a list made in peace for those who want to rest, become purified, and start over…

Natural rejuvenation: Bozcaada

This is northeaster… While the sun burns, it chills the grapes until the harvest. Caresses the fisherman’s face who has never felt the need to leave the island… Abandoned Polente Lighthouse is the purest state of solitude and peace with the roar of the southeaster. In Bozcaada, peace is not a promise but it is the most natural rejuvenation. Especially if you are in the “sunny garden”. With the rooms where you can see the sea without even getting out of bed, “Güneşli Bahçe” (sunny garden -formerly Denizhan Bağevi) is a vineyard cottage in a 5-acre terrain in Bozcaada, on the hillside, surrounded by greenery, with a view, which is peaceful, calm and completely unique to the island. Electricity is provided by the solar panels and water from the well; everything else is what nature gives. There is no TV in the Güneşli Bahçe, which keeps pace with the rhythm of the island, but it has the Yıldız Teras (star terrace) and this is a news that will make you happier. You can witness here how great the sky is and not that far away. Not to mention banquets… The morning breakfast is prepared with the utmost care, considering the appetizing clean air. It is a good start to the day with their own jam and tomato paste made using the fruits from the orchard; thyme comes from the garden; and eggs come from the neighbors. When you return from the beach, snacks and lemonade will be welcoming you. Those who want to pick the Kuntra, Karalahna and Vasilaki grapes, unique to the island, from the vineyard can enjoy the opportunity. The menus are chosen daily and the freshest and most local produce is preferred. Two of the rooms opening to the patio in the cottage have private kitchens. It is 2 km away from the center and 1 km from the nearest beach.

Abundant nature, warm sea water: The Village of Selimiye

It is not easy to find a place to stay in peace even 45 km away from the popular resort Marmaris. If you’re looking for small, family-run guesthouses with spirit and unspoiled nature, the Village of Selimiye with almond and olive trees should be on your route. This is one of the rare places where inhabitants do not suffocate because of the excessive number of hotels and dense housing. The sea looks like a natural lake in Selimiye; it is not deep sea, so the water is as warm as bath water. The beach season begins early at the end of April… 2.5 km from the entrance of Selimiye, the road reaches Akkum Bay towards the end of the village. It is surrounded by mountains about 500 meters before the bay of Sığliman where boats take shelter in southwester. Büşra Pansiyon is remarkable with the warmth of tile and wood and swing hammocks in its garden, a 20-minute walk from the Village of Selimiye. This small family-run business, harmonious with nature among the pomegranate, orange, and loquat trees and peppers picked by the guest in the morning is a shelter. The beach water is always clean and clear, the water gradually deepens so it is safe for families with children. Although the shore of the bay is stony, the owners of the guesthouse pebble it every year. The bay is highly suitable to rest but for those who want to get out of this slow ambiance, many places like Turgutköyü, Bozburun, Söğüt are 15-20 minutes away. The number of enthusiasts of the diving school in the Village of Selimiye is so many.

Happy carettas, peaceful people: Dalyan

Many come to Dalyan, with the title of “the world’s second best-preserved beach”, to enjoy the yellow sandy beach where one of the most important of the 17 breeding area of caretta carettas in Turkey is: Iztuzu Beach. This famous beach, with the shores of the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the fresh water on the other side, has a length of 5.5 km. This great length makes you stop worrying about the summer crowds, which creates a bit of a disadvantage. However, for a real Dalyan experience, the accommodation is as important as a boat tour that will be made in the reeds that are crowned by the 4th-century BC temple-like rock tombs located on the mountain slopes. Because, it is the peace you will look for in this popular resort town sooner or later. The life here continues on both sides of the canal that connects the Köyceğiz Lake to the Mediterranean. In fact, a place that causes addiction is located on these shores. Happy Caretta, built with simple aesthetics, which is rare in Dalyan, is a family-run business designed step-by-step. Yes, this is a hostel but with its location and landscape, and its garden, where white pigeons fly among fragrant citrus trees, and the pier with its face turned to rock tombs, it gives you the feeling of being in a forest, away from the chaos of Dalyan. If the dosage of peace is too much, alternatives are plenty; watch the birds in the reeds, pick herbs, paddle in the moonlight, visit the secluded mud baths under the stars, and walk in the ancient city of Kaunos in the evening…

Bodrum’s calm shelter: Şeytan Yalısı

Olive trees, covering the whole bay, and the deep blue sea make you say, “Are there such places on earth?” This is Şeytan Yalısı (the House of the Devil)… Compared to the other bays of Bodrum, Şeytan Yalısı is relatively untouched. The beach, consisting of small pebbles, becomes your beach chair, while the century-old gum trees become your beach umbrellas. To the east of the coast, at the end, there is a small church in ruins under the century-old pine tree. If you walk the path from the church to the cliffs, you will reach Çamlık Bay after 400 m. There you will probably see a couple of yachts advancing on the blue voyage. Pine trees stretch along the beach. Follow the path and you can walk about 15 km to Kisebükü and from there to Yalıçiftlik. There are no settlements in Şeytan Yalısı and Çamlık Bay. The closest accommodation is located in Hurma Beach, İnce Yalı and Çakıllı Yalı bays; they are guesthouses run by villagers, some are located on the beach, some in citrus orchards. It is possible to reach Şeytan Yalısı through a 30-minute journey by a fishing boat. The first restaurant and also one of the best restaurants of the village is the Mazı Restaurant on Hurma Beach, overlooking the sea. Here, Mazı’s tourism ambassador Önder Akkaş gives all kinds of information about the region to those who ask. The food is delicious; fresh fish, steamed grouper, amaranth, stuffed zucchini flowers, and village breakfast… Boat trips and trekking tours are organized to Şeytan Yalısı and other bays. If you stay in one of the guesthouses on the Hurma Beach, İnce Yalı, and Çakıllı Bay coasts of Mazı, you should definitely walk the path between the Hurma Beach and İnce Yalı, especially near the sunset. It takes about 30 minutes and the sun disappears behind the mountains.

Surprise of the Western Black Sea: Gideros Bay

The most beautiful surprise of a journey along the Western Black Sea is certainly Gideros Bay. Appearing from the top of the road 13 km to Cide, Gideros should be watched from a height first. In this harbor, protected against the waves in any weather, pirate ships used to anchor once upon a time. Gideros is an oval-shaped cove through a strait between two mountains. Below are a hostel and a protected stone mosque between chestnuts, limes, corn, and pine trees. Gideros has a tiny and pebbly beach. It is a little chilly, but the beach water is clear and calm because it is sheltered. You can sail past the bay by a rowboat; swim; and fish. Nurcan Ünal, the owner of Gündoğdu Pansiyon, keeps up with the cove’s modesty by using wooden patio tables and chairs. She was born and raised here. She takes her guests on a boat tour in the bay to the cave called Hamam. The hostel with 6 rooms and 15 beds is in harmony with the silence of the cove; there is internet connection but no television. It is possible to swim in front of the hostel. In the evenings, you can go to Cide’s bazaar, Rıfat Ilgaz’s town which is famous for its yellow scarf and mirrored chest, by a bus or a taxi or you can take a walk through the trails. There is a limited area for sports activities in the bay because it is a protected zone. Sometimes tours for trekking come out of town. Ms. Nurcan lends her fishing boat to her guests who want to dive; if you need one, she also lends her nephew who is a professional diver along with the boat. The vegetables used in the restaurant of the hostel grow in the field of the Ünal family. They catch the fish. The environment is so friendly that guests staying at the hostel welcome the new guests. Taste the bread and the bulgur pilaf she makes with the garden picked herbs such as nettles, hibiscus, and chards.  And experience this sharp silence while your feet are resting in the water in the full moon.