If you want to have hobbies which go beyond the standards and are much more different than everyone else’s hobbies, then it is beneficial to take a look at the most interesting sports branches we researched for Raillife readers. Does sliding down the slopes of a volcano on your sled or board sound exciting to you? How about embarking on an adventure of riding your mountain bike after being dropped on a hill far from everyone’s sight from a helicopter? If these sports branches have filled you with too much adrenaline, then how about climbing a tree?

Volcano surfing
When you look at a volcano from afar, the first danger to come to mind would be the lava that might erupt from it. However, it wouldn’t be so hard for a snowboarder to come up with a new sports brunch, if you leave him on his own around a volcanic cone. Australian Darryn Webb, is the best living example for this process. Webb, who manages a hotel at the foothill of the 728-meter high Cerro Negro Volcano in Nikaragua, after reaching the conclusion of that, the rocky and ash covered geography of the area would be a potential place for an athlete who wants to ‘slide’, and then decided to try his luck in 2005. After trying his luck with some kind of a sled that he made out of surfboards and mattresses, he was able to slide down the Cerro Negro at a speed of 70 km per hour with a sled he made out of wood. Since that day, thousands of adventurists and tourists have been coming to this mountain in Nikaragua to slide down a volcano.

This brand new sport has lately become a very popular sector in this area. Those who think it must be easier than snowboarding because there is no snow or ice are wrong. Those who want to do volcano surfing or in other words to slide on a volcanic slide may be bewildered about the tough conditions. It is even possible to miss the cold but refreshing days of winter after breathing in the ashes that cover the volcano right in the middle of a tropical climate as you are trying to climb up a height that you can slide down.

Another new sport branch has begun to share the traits of Heliskiing, which comes forth as a combination of excitement, adrenaline, and speed. In Heliskiing, professional skiers are dropped onto hills from helicopters. Afterwards, the skiers enjoy the freedom and adventure of skiing down the hills in teams. However, Helibiking contains the process of bicycle enthusiasts’ being dropped onto hills from helicopters. At this point, a breathtaking adventure awaits mountain bike lovers. This sports branch really requires a large amount of courage, because you are completely alone in nature.

There is a large number of people in New Zealand that is interested in this sport. Mountain bikes are very different from regular bikes, because their form adapts to different field conditions. Helibiking courses or trips that are organized by biking clubs are also done in groups. The areas where this sport is done are usually away from central locations. You may encounter dangers because mountain biking is done in nature. One of these dangers might be your bicycle tires blowing out… So, you must make sure there are repair tools and spare tires along with an air pump in your bag.

Tree climbing
This extreme sports branch that comes forth as ‘Canopy climbing’ or tree climbing is a hobby that those with mountain climbing experience can do much more comfortably. If you don’t have a fear of heights and are potent in basic mountaineering rules, you can start climbing the giant trees that are tens of meters tall after taking the required safety measures. Tree climbing must always be done with a group. The people coming from behind must always follow the leader.

One of the most important rules is that, the first aid and difficult situation equipments are required to be packed by all team members, so the important steps can be taken immediately when an emergency occurs. After the required safety measures are taken, there is no risky side of this sports branch. While setting off for an adventure on the tops of lengthy trees, you will go through a very different experience as you are enjoying the landscape from the sky. There are canopy climbing enthusiasts who climb up to hundreds of meters high only to enjoy the unique views.