The emerald green islands are scattered in the turquoise blue Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian island group is a unique region. Each year, seven million visitors come here to experience heaven on earth. Although, the locals are aware of this place not being the real heaven as everyone thinks it is, each moment spent here makes one feel like in heaven thanks to its natural wonders. The islands are ornate with beaches and impressive volcanic hills. It is a multicultural group, synthesizing Polynesia, Asia, North America, and Europe. The place is also the most fertile and mesmerizing state of nature. Sunny days are long in Hawaii. Due to its pleasant weather all year round, it is a popular destination in all seasons.

When you are in Hawaii, don’t forget to dive to see the coral reeves; trek on picturesque hills; watch the whales swim and how the lava flows; drink mai tais (a drink made with lime and fruit juices) and eat juicy papayas; try the delicious dishes of the Pacific rim. If you want to escape from Honolulu, which is the crowded, cultural, and economic capital city, you might find yourself in the depths of the rain forests or lying down at the white sandy beaches only in an hour. Wherever you go in Hawaii that is home to many different cultures, you can make sure that ‘Aloha!’ tradition is going to welcome you.

Watch the stars
The most sacred peak of Hawaii, Mauna Kea, is not only treasured because of the archeological ruins found in its foot, but it is also almost a temple for the enthusiasts of astronomy. Located on the Island of Hawaii, the dormant volcano Mauna Kea is the best place in the world to watch the stars and the unforgettable sunsets.

Lose yourself in the landscapes
The giant valley, which is located in the west of Kauai and where you can find layers of lava flows from the ancient ages, called Waimea Canyon is also known as ‘the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.’ As you advance in the canyon, which is 900 meters deep and 16 km long, you pass through many climates and walk around the Hawaiian land system divided into traditional sections known as ‘ahupuaa.’

Watch the lava dance
In the land of volcanoes, in Hawaii, don’t miss to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Watch the fireworks at night, and the flow of the red, hot, and scary lava into the ocean. Walk inside a crater, in the rain forests, and under the stars.

Meet with surfing
Oahu is beyond offering just a transit to the near islands. There is valuable material on this island for adventurists. They can experience the joy of surfing with the giant waves at the North Shore, walk towards the edgy hills, and dive at the Hanauma Bay or travel to the silent islands of Kailua by a surf or canoe.

As you walk through the trails in the giant crater of the dormant volcano at the Haleakala National Park, watch the colorful twists made by scoria cones shining under the sunlight. It would be beneficiary for you to know that if you don’t visit this place resembling the moon’s surface, your chance to see such a scene in another place is miniscule. Arid land might confuse you, but the rarest bird, bug, and plant species of the earth live in here. You can camp there.

Try the flavors of the Pacific
The old Lahina Luau makes the best poke (sliced raw tuna fish marinated with herbs and spices) next to being a charming place. A local experiment is inevitable when lomi lomi salmon (marinated with onion and herbs) is mixed with poi (mashed taro root.)

Reach to Makena
The South Shore owes its beauty to its soft and golden sands. Makena can be still considered as mostly untouched. No manmade structures are around; only clear waters, surprising scenes, and a school of dolphins that you see occasionally. Try the ‘fish tacos.’

Geological masterpiece
Kauai is geologically the oldest one among the important Hawaiian islands. It is also the one with the best landscapes thanks to its nature and vegetation. Don’t miss to see the emerald green Napali Coast. You can see the extraordinary hills, located at the northwest of the island, by boat, helicopter, or by walking along the Kalalau Trail. Whichever you prefer, you won’t be disappointed.

Finding Shangri La
Established on the Diamond Head Hills, the mansion called ‘Shangri La,’ which belongs to the American philanthropist Doris Duke, is near the ocean shore. The mansion is settled on an area of 5 acres. You can see the Islamic arts collection at the mansion; and the exotic gardens and a 200 meters long seawater pool at the terrain.

It feels like there is no end to nature and pleasure in Hawaii. Aquarium like waters, playful dolphins, Hulopo’e Beach with its diving points, Kalaupapa Peninsula that has the highest cliffs of the world at the national park that can be reached by climbing down 1400 steps, Hanauma Bay where the volcanic crater takes place and the crater which is now under water and a popular snorkeling spot, for a risk free adventure the rivers of Kauai where you don’t need any experience to canoe, Kailau Beach which is probably the reason of your trip to Hawaii are among those pleasures and natural wonders. Each one is more tempting than another is. Did you say paradise? Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii!

People come to Mauna Kea to watch the stars and also because it is one of the best locations to enjoy the planet.

You can find the freshest of bananas, mangos, papayas, lemons, limes, vegetables, flowers, and goat cheese at the local ‘sunshine markets.’

Waikiki, an important vacation place in Oahu, is ideal for the ones who are beginning to learn surfing thanks to its smooth waves.

Fire dancers are entertaining, although they are not traditional; the different versions of the Hula dance might grab your attention.