Google’s I/O Developers Conference unveiled the upgraded version of the mobile operating system Android. The new age of smart accessories and automobiles is commencing from now on.

Mobile is becoming mobile
The mobile operating system for smart phones and tablets, Android, is going to be available on wearable devices as well as smart phones through its new version called L. However, the most striking part of Android L is its over 5000 interfaces, which were added for software developers.

3D visuals, better graphics, and overall a more efficient usage experience are awaiting us by means of these interfaces. The design that carries the notifications to the lock screen is going to allow the lock to be opened automatically with the help of Bluetooth devices. Battery Saver mode offers up to 90 more minutes to use on Nexus 5 models.

Adds intelligence to automobiles
The relation between smart phones and automobiles is advancing over time. Although the combined usage of them both is dangerous in a traditional meaning, thanks to the voice command support of Google answering phones won’t be necessary anymore. The new system called Android Auto is going to support special applications for cars, use advanced GPS maps, and be managed easily using the buttons installed around the steering wheel.

The new times for smart watches
The transformation of the wearable devices points that the smart watch is going to be one of the leading devices to be used in the near future. The operating system called Android Wear is going to help reduce the need to check the smart phone screens that we check about 120 times a day by allowing us to make calls, send messages, and follow notifications.

Google has eyes on the living room
The venture called Google TV at first, is now called Android TV: the platform that grabs the attention by its functions such as mobile content, and voice command recognition is going to enable users to manage TVs through smart phone, and tablet applications or synchronized remote controls. Android TV that offers direct access to various content services through the home screen is going to allow users to play the games, which they can play on smart phones or tablets, on TV. The music and videos saved on mobile devices can be easily transferred to TV.

$100 phone is on its way
The Android One initiative, which was launched for emerging markets including Turkey, is going to materialize in India first. The smart phones that are going to be presented to the market have standard Android interface and they are expected to be priced at $100. They are going to be updated automatically and will be aimed for people who haven’t met with smart phones yet.