This might be the time that you come one step closer to your dream rather than delaying it. If you have a talent and your goal is to become a successful writer, you might take the first step into becoming a writer whose books are published and who’s known by millions of readers thanks to Wattpad, which is the largest online reading and writing platform of the world. All you need to do is believe in yourself and share your stories or the parts of your novel through Wattpad.

The number of Wattpad fans is over 40 million
 Founded in 2006, Wattpad is a free online platform where the users write, discover, and share the stories they write about things they enjoy. Within Wattpad, which has over 40 million users, individuals get the opportunity to spend pleasant time in their area of interest and in their own time on an entertaining online platform. Stories can be published as in series on Wattpad. What makes this platform different is that the user can comment on each other’s stories interactively. The application serves on its mobile and internet sites in over 50 languages. Founder and CEO of Wattpad, Allen Lau states that Turkey is their third largest market after the USA and the Philippines in the world. Wattpad users in Turkey spend an average time of 400 hours on this platform monthly. Sharing striking worldwide statistics on Wattpad, Allen Lau says, “Gutenberg invented the printing press 500 years ago, and it is time to retire this invention. We would like to create the next generation of books. Around the world, over 40 million people use Wattpad each month. A new member signs up every second. Our worldwide members spend 13 billion monthly minutes on Wattpad. An average Wattpad log in is 30 minutes. Over 150 thousand stories updated and shared on Wattpad until today.”

100 Wattpad stories are published into books in Turkey
Giving different type of information on Turkey, Allen Lau makes a comment: “Our users in Turkey whose number already reaching to 3 million and increasing rapidly come to Wattpad to become a part of the local entertainment. Over 7 million Turkish story updates have been shared on Wattpad until today. We expect to see the popular Wattpad stories to become a driving force for entertainment culture in Turkey where those stories inspire best-selling novels, prime time TV series, and blockbuster movies. Kiraz Mevsimi, Kerem Bürsin are among popular TV series and names that inspire many Wattpad stories. 100 Turkish Wattpad stories are published into books in Turkey. Bringing together amateur writers and readers at no charge, Wattpad where stories are written in hundreds of categories from romance to horror and from vampires to crime becomes prominent as ‘the Youtube of stories.’ Wattpad is a paradise where the dreams come true for the ones who would like to become a writer and have their stories reach to millions. You can write in whatever category you wish on Wattpad, poem, novel, or story. No one interferes with your subject, category, style, grammar, or spelling errors. There are no rules. You write however you wish.”

Writers who became worldwide phenomenon
It would be useful to remind that Epsilon Publishing that published over 10 Wattpad stories into books is one of the biggest supporters of the young writers. Wattpad is an important step in the aspects of democratizing writing and making it public. A significant indicator of it is that the writers whose novels became very popular on Wattpad and were published by Epsilon come from the small cities such as Düzce, Kocaeli, Adana, and Konya more than they come from İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir. The target mass of Wattpad is young people who are between 13 and 35, mostly females. One of the greatest stars created by Wattpad is Anna Todd who is 25 and the spouse of a soldier from Texas. Todd, who has worked at many jobs from waiting tables to make-up profession, began writing as a hobby. When she published her story about the members of her favorite music group on Wattpad, the number of her readers reached to 500 million. The characters in her novel became phenomenon. Signing a deal for hundreds of thousands dollar to publish her novel titled ‘After’ with the famous publisher Simon&Schuster, Todd is in the agenda with a sequel titled ‘Before’ nowadays. Reaching to 19 million readers with her romantic story ‘The Kissing Booth’, published on Wattpad, the British writer Beth Reekles who is 19 signed a three-book deal with the famous Random House for hundreds of thousands dollars.