If you like extreme sports, then you might be interested in our article this month. Because we are going to talk about an activity that especially ski lovers follow up closely, in other words ‘heli-ski.’ The skiers are dropped off at hills in this sport. The experienced skiers in teams then enjoy the freedom and adventure by skiing down the hills. Let’s mention that heli-ski cannot be exercised everywhere. The most popular heli-ski destinations are in Canada, Alaska, Caucasus, and Himalayas. Heli-ski fans in Turkey enjoy this sport in the Kaçkar Mountains.

The number of the executives and professionals who aim to take up different type of hobbies to become refreshed and energized when they get the chance from their busy business lives is increasing. Heli-ski is in the agendas of the people who play sports such as football, basketball, tennis, sailing as well as high adrenalin sports that require bravery and who turn these hobbies into life styles. This sport really requires great courage to do it; because, you are completely alone against the nature. It is not possible to do heli-ski everywhere. You have to be dropped off a helicopter at the hills that are away from the ski tracks and where there is plenty of snow. This makes it a costly sport. You have to be able to afford the cost of it as well as being a well experienced skier. Adventure filled moments wait for the skiers until they reach to the bottom of the hill from the moment that they are dropped off the helicopter. They challenge the nature in a way. Heli-ski activities are done in different times in different parts of the world. For instance, the season is between July and August in Chili; December and April in Canada; May and June in Greenland. The heli-ski season in Turkey is between January 20 and March 20.

People who are between 25-45 prefer heli-skiing
The skiers are welcomed by the helicopter after skiing to the bottom of the hill and are taken to another summit. This process can be repeated tens of times until the skiers are tired and their adrenalin levels are low. Heli-ski fans are usually local and foreign athletes who are between the ages of 25-45. The Turkish heli-ski fans make their schedule after knocking on the door of Anatolian Heliski. A helicopter lifts off the skiers and carries them to the summit of the Kaçkar Mountains at an altitude of 3600 meters from the Ayder Plateau at an altitude of 1350 meters. Following, the skiers ski through the steep slopes that are covered with snow until they reach an altitude of 2000 meters. In case of an accident, they keep in touch with Karadeniz Technical University Hospital continuously. Their air ambulance waits at the track to response to an emergency immediately. Before heli-skiing with the aid of a helicopter, the professional skiers get information from the experienced teams primarily about a possible avalanche hazard at the summit that they are planning to land. The athletes who pick their supplies go in the helicopter along their guide and their journey to the summit begins. Then, they leave the helicopter to experience a ski ride full of adrenalin from the virgin summits to the shoulders of the mountains.

– Every skier who knows the techniques and has plenty of experience can heli-ski.
– It is necessary to start the journey with an experienced and licensed mountain guide.
– The ski boards that are used in vast snow are wider as opposed to regular ones. It would be useful to practice with them before heli-skiing.
– Self-confidence is not enough. Right equipment use and high safety measures should be assured.
– The teams have to have detector, avalanche beacon, shovel, and ABS backpack.
– It is important to take avalanche survival lessons.
– You should do your research about places to go, operations that you choose and ski at your own proficiency level. Other skiers who are at the same level as you are should exist in your team.
– The greatest risk is an avalanche; therefore, carry a signal-transmitting device on you.
– Have airbag backpacks. Those have rescued many lives during avalanches.
– Every skier must keep probes and a shovel in their backpacks.
– The training level of the helicopter pilot on landing snowy summits should be inspected well.