Are You Ready for New Generation Travels?

Are You Ready for New Generation Travels?

The increase in the number of new restaurants and hotels, as well as travel companies that offer different travel options to their target groups, indicate that there has been a significant transformation in the tourism sector.

Five-star hotels are now outdated. Luxurious jets belong to the past. These luxury-oriented consumers, who desire to feel privileged and are after once-in-a-lifetime experiences, are excitedly embracing these new worlds presented to them.

Underwater restaurants and cruise restaurants

The new trend in the tourism sector is to get access to the wild regions of the world and discover much deeper. In this respect, the oceans are very popular… Many architects do not want to or cannot overcome the technical complexity of creating pressure-resistant structures in deep waters. Europe’s first underwater restaurant in Norway will be opened in 2019. Designed by the architectural firm Snøhetta and will serve under the name of Under, this restaurant’s name draws attention by making puns because the word `under` also means `miracle` and `curiosity` in Norwegian. This restaurant is located in Båly Village on the southern coast of Norway; guests will enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean while dining. The restaurant, where Norwegian delicacies will be served, will also be used as a research center for marine life. Another option that takes the underwater experience a step further is the underwater luxury ship resort Floating Venice, which is expected to be put into service in 2020 in Dubai. The underwater platform, where visitors can clearly see the ocean floor, will have restaurants, bars, a SPA, shops, and accommodation.

Special trips for voyagers

Black Tomato, a high class travel company, presents customized experiences to their target audiences via the Blink service. Blink is described as “the most personalized luxury travel experience imaginable; the chance to design your own temporary accommodation and experience in locations so private and untouched that no one else will have stayed there before and never will again in the same way.” These trips taken to Bolivia’s salt flats from Mergui Islands in Myanmar targets to redefine the levels of extraordinary travel experiences. Tom Marchant, among the founders of Black Tomato, states that the service sector has been accelerated via the increasing popularity of pop-up hotel concepts and makes the following comment: “We now set our sights on the world of accommodation and three-dimensional travel experiences. We set off on this journey by asking ourselves: Could we just design something that will exist only for a short time, for a magical moment, to be enjoyed, and never to be repeated by someone else the same way?” Black Tomato, becoming to prominence also with the Get Lost concept, organizes life-changing travel adventures for fearless travelers.

Theme concept comes forward

London-based travel expert Brown+Hudson organizes carefully planned personalized luxury travels to far distances such as South Korea, Panama, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, offering experiences that can change the lives of travelers. Extraordinary Adventure Club invites travelers to test their physical and mental boundaries by creating experiences that call on them to regain and sustain their self-confidence. The founder of the club, Calum Morrison, has been working on organizing programs that bring together the concepts of coaching, mentoring and therapy for a minimum of six months as a royal marine based on his experiences in harsh environments. In 2018, Red Savannah presented intellectual challenges to participants in the five-day Eyewitness Programme held in Berlin. In this journey, visitors were immersed in the post-war and Cold War era Germany with an audience of former intelligence officers, historians, and experts. Research company OceanGate and travel company Blue Marble Private are planning to organize a once-in-a-lifetime Titanic research trip for the first time since 2005. In this 8-day journey, the cost of which is determined as 100 thousand dollars, visitors will be treated as the crew on board.