‘Trekking’ that means long and tiring walk is also known as ‘the act of making a long journey across difficult country on foot.’ Especially Turkey has highly challenging courses on the subject. The duration of walk changes depending on the difficulty of the course. A medium level course usually takes 5 to 6 hours to complete. We explored the most popular trekking routes for sports fans who want to get away from the busy tempo of the city and unite with nature.

Trekking tips
It is very important for your backpack and trekking shoes to be comfortable, if you are going on a long walk. Your shoes should be ankle-high; they shouldn’t hurt your feet and should have a comfortable model. You should also take your raincoat, hat, water bottle, and cap with you. It would also be useful to bring an extra pair of socks and an undershirt. You must go trekking with a group guide who knows the area. The journey usually begins very early in the morning. You should get information about the program from the guides during the tour. It would be a better choice to participate in an easier tour that won’t push you, if this is your first time.

Follow the instructions
A guide in the front and a rear guard behind the group accompany every type of trekking group. People who join the walk must meet them and know their names. You must exactly follow the instructions of the guide and the rear guard. The people attending the trek must not pass the guide or stay behind the rear guard. You shouldn’t take any actions that would break the order of the group. Listening to music with headphones may delay your perception of possible threats, which may harm you seriously. You must not place your hands in your pockets; you should keep them on your sides. This will allow you to regain your balance if you lose it or if you are about to fall. Duration of the breaks should not be very long, because long breaks lower your body temperature. After each break, you would feel more tired and unwilling instead of rested.

The most popular trekking courses
The Lycian Way:  The Lycian Way stretches from Fethiye to Antalya. The Lycian Way is not only one of Turkey’s but one of the world’s top ten trekking trails. There are walking trails to the Faralya and Dodurga villages, the Ancient city of Sidyma, The Pınar Ruins, the Ancient city of Letoon and the Ancient city of Xanthos between the sections of the Lycian Way trail.

Ihlara Valley: Ihlara Valley is one of Turkey’s best trekking locations. Ruins of caves, churches, and tombs that were carved in to the boulders stretch along the 14 km long valley. The valley represents proper basis both for long and short treks.

The Ida Mountains: The Ida Mountains have drawn the attention of domestic and foreign visitors especially in the last few years. Almost every part of the Idas, which have courses that are united with nature, is ideal for walking. Different alternatives such as the Ayı Creek, the Sutüven Falls, the Tozlu Plateau, the Manastır Run surroundings, the Sarıkız Hill, and the Mıhlı run await you.

The Kaçkar Mountains: If you go at the right time, you can see many different shades of green at the Kaçkars. The Ambarlı Plateau presents a different ambience to photographers and trekkers with its natural beauties. One of the best features of the Kaçkar Mountains is the Çat Valley -Verçenik Plateau – Kapalı Lakes course.

The Aladağlar Mountains: The Aladağlar Mountains offers the most ideal summer time trekking courses. You can start your walk from Demirkazık Mountain, which has the highest peak with 3756 meters. The Maden Pass, Yedigöller, the Kapuzbaşı Falls, Sokulupınar, the Emli Valley, and Barasama Valley take place among the important courses of the Aladağlar Mountains.

Bafa Lake: People who want to take a daily trekking tour usually choose Bafa Lake. Bafa Lake, which is one of the natural beauties that haven’t been ruined over the centuries, has a special location that is home to both archeological and natural beauties. Besides trekking, you might also want to visit the Ancient cities of Herakleia and Keramos.

The Erikli Plateau: The Erikli Plateau, which has a very suitable structure for daily trekking, is in the Çınarcık district of Yalova. The trekking course at the Erikli Plateau presents many natural beauties. The trekking begins at the Teşvikiye Village. The region is very suitable for camping.

The Yenice Forests: The Yenice Forests in Karabük are a good opportunity to escape the weekend life stress. There are many routes for daily walks at the Yenice Forests. You can add more excitement to your trekking adventure by camping in the plateaus in the forest.

Ballıkayalar: Ballıkayalar is a valley, which will push trekkers just as much as the Erikli Falls will, located in the Tavşanlı Village of Gebze, which takes place right between the borders of Istanbul and Kocaeli. A serious part of the valley is made up of boulders. Don’t forget to visit the waterfalls area, if you happen to visit Ballıkayalar.