Turkey has been focused onto the 100th anniversary of our Republic in 2023 with all of her establishments and organizations.

Turkey, targeting to enter among the first ten countries of the economy and the railway sector, makes great efforts to have an advanced railway industry, which is the indispensible rule of having a healthy and balanced transportation system.

Within this scope, we continue to invest in the aim of materializing the following improvements targeted for 2023: having our railway network reach 25 thousand km by building 13 thousand km of railway as 3500 km of high-speed, 8500 km of speed, and 1000 km of conventional railway; renovating the existing conventional lines and equipping them with electric and signal systems; producing national trains and founding national signal and logistics centers; deregulation of railway sector; connecting the production centers to main lines via junction line; founding logistics centers in order to integrate all transportation systems.

In accordance with our targets, we have materialized hundreds of projects until today. Here are some of them: we built 1213 km of high-speed rail line and put it into service. We renovated almost all of our conventional lines and increased their speed and comfort. We began to design our national trains and to test our national signal system. We introduced the Law of Deregulation of Railway Sector. We opened seven logistics centers.

A new Turkey is actually being built by means of our projects.

As the oil free and environment-friendly railway sector with low construction coast, and long lifetime reaches the world standards, domestic tourism and foreign tourism are developed, economical, social, and cultural lives become more dynamic, our power to compete increases, our strategic importance gains power by means of the international railway corridor between Europe, Asia, and Middle East, savings of energy and foreign currency are enabled, employment increases.

I hope that these works are going to be put into service of our people in short time. Have a nice travel…