The culture of entrepreneurship in Turkey has entered a different transformation process in the last few years. It has been speculated that there is a significant increase in the number of the female entrepreneurs who want to continue their careers by establishing their own businesses. One of the most important reasons for this is the substantially increasing number of non-profit organizations that support women contributing to social and economic life. From this point, we researched the female entrepreneurs who created different business fields and attracted attention with their projects in 2015 within Etohum, Galata Job Angels, KAGIDER and Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards.

Kars’s most beloved female entrepreneur          

Founder of the Kars Kaz Evi (Goose House) Nuran Özyılmaz, who was selected as the “Women Entrepreneur of Turkey Who Made a Difference In Her Region”  in the 9th  Women Entrepreneur of Turkey Competition that was organized in 2015, states that she is the first female restaurant manager in Kars by means of this enterprise in 2008.                                                                                                           

A way of marketing for goose sellers
Özyılmaz who underlines that they make a difference by introducing the things that the city lacks the most, Kars goose and regional foods, says, “We have brought a product that is expensive and hard to cook and present to daylight. By promoting it in and out of country, we opened a door to goose sellers in Kars and created employment opportunities for women in our establishment… I can say that 2015 was the dullest year for entrepreneurship. The terror incidents experienced especially during the second half of the year influenced the tourism sector and small businesses negatively. Of course, as an entrepreneur, we tried not to be overcome by the incidents and  to continue doing our jobs. Our goal in 2016 is to transform the historic house into a restaurant and continue operating the Kars Kaz Evi in there. The place is currently being constructed and restored. Thus we will be able to re-live history and receive our guests in such environment. We are also planning to open a feather factory and a branch in a big city or to adopt the franchising model.”

Pet owners and sitters in one place

Şebnem Yaraç, who won an award in the 2015 Bilgi Young Social Entrepreneur Awards with her project, established a business model that brings pet owners and sıtters together. Founder of Şebnem Yaraç states that is a site that enables pet owners to find people in any desired location to look after their pets in the best way and that the pet sitters can earn an income thanks to this site.

Employment opportunity
Yaraç who emphasizes that the pet sitters can look after stray animals that need care after certain operations such as sterilization at their homes says, “During my field researches, I noticed that a number of animal lovers wouldn’t adopt animals because they fear that they may not be able to find a safe and warm environment to sit their pets when they are away from home. I believe that misafirpetver will be a service that will eliminate those worries and increase the number of animal adoptions by a serious number. This system will also provide employment opportunity to people who cannot work at full time jobs such as housewives and students. We came together with the pet sitters that were registered to misafirpetver through various organizations. I dream of a world where all living things can live in same equal conditions. We will widespread misafirpetver in Turkey to make this dream come true.”

She designs vertical gardens

Co-founder of Flowerbox Ebru Başak Güven is one of the most prominent female entrepreneurs under the roof of the Galata İş Melekleri (Job Angels) in 2015… Flowerbox that introduces a product that has never been practiced or known before spreads the use of 100 percent natural plants that can preserve its naturalness and freshness for 7 years without the need of water and light at hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and at homes.

Lowers the maintenance cost
Co-founder of Flowerbox Ebru Başak Güven who states that trying to grow plants indoors is a serious expense for businesses says, “It is very hard to continuously preserve the freshness and beauty of the living plants. Although, there is also the artificial/plastic plants option, many establishments have halted the use them completely within their structures. We design vertical trees and gardens by embalming the plants with a natural process in France. These plants are 100 percent recyclable in nature; they don’t produce bad odors and cause infestation they are anti-allergic. We concentrated on our offline sales in 2016. We have started considering the franchise requests as an addition to our newly opened gallery in Istanbul Bebek as of the second half. We plan to have the Flowerbox services experienced in more cities starting with İzmir, Antalya and Ankara.”

An end to wasting time with manicures that appeals to working women who cannot spare enough time to themselves because of the busy tempo of their work lives was chosen as one of the most successful 15 enterprises of 2015 in the Etohum Entrepreneurship Summit. Müge Meydan, the founder of that has been serving to women who have been working at establishments such as Eczacıbaşı, Boyner, Danone, Avon, LC Waikiki, AXA Insurance and P&G until today, makes a comment on the job concept: “Actually, we came up with this job idea while we were rushing from one meeting to another in the middle of the corporate life. Just as all the plaza people were, we were also racing against time. Let’s say you schedule your manicures after work or on the weekends. The process takes over an hour when you calculate the time you waist while waiting in the traffic, finding a parking spot, and waiting in the line if the place you are going to is crowded. If we consider that you are getting manicures twice a month, it would make about 24 hours in a year, in other words one day of our lifespan…”

The time reserved for manicures is reduced to 8 hours
From this point forth, we studied the foreign examples. We said that business people shouldn’t go to get manicures. We should go to them so they can spend the time they spared for manicures with their families instead. Let’s reduce the time spent on manicures to 8 hours from 24 hours in a year with 20-minutes appointments and enable them gain 16 hours as precious as gold! In 2016 we will work to make the brand that everyone will think about when someone mentions beauty and care services.”