If you have a dream you must take a step to make your dream become true. Draw a path for you and let life take you to your dreams. Attorney Özge Kartal is among the designers who liberalize through reflecting their creativeness to their designs by listening to the voice of their hearts. She is both the founder of Bona’s Art and an attorney at law. Kartal who creates beautiful custom plate designs will focus on designing decorative and concept product designs such as dining sets, vases, coffee cups by setting up a more professional system in 2018.

She picked up an interest in design during high school years
Özge Kartal, who graduated from Çankaya University, Faculty of Law, Ankara, is one of the successful names who can carry out law and design collectively. Having left 10 years behind in business life, after working for Göksu Safi Işık Partnership of Law and Türk Medya companies, she has established Özge Kartal Law and Consulting Office 2 years ago. Kartal, who specializes in issues such as private law, business cases, disputes arising from commercial and family law, gives consultancy to companies on different matters. Having been interested in design since childhood, Kartal created the Bona’s Art brand, where she designs plates, each is more special than the other, in October 2017. We asked Kartal how she decided to become a lawyer and a designer: “I took a drawing class for a while before entering the university exam. I was in the level of charcoal. In those years, my professor had voiced my talent to draw. My family wanted me to become a lawyer, but they did not put any pressure on me. When I told them about my interest, they told me to show my drawings to the members of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Anadolu University and get their comments. The members I have seen have encouraged me by telling that I could be successful at this, even if not that year because I did not receive the education that year.”

Listened to her inner voice and created Bona’s Art
Özge Kartal, who later entered the university exam and won the law school, said, “My desire to design and to create something has never ended. There is a fact that in order to exist one has to find her own self and reach herself through herself. I am performing the art of ‘self-discovery’ on this journey. Everyone should take that journey someday. If you cannot stop the enthusiasm inside, you should definitely listen. That was what I did. Although the Bona’s Art brand has been in existence for a few months, the story begins 10 years ago. I love being a lawyer, but designing has always been in me. I believe that every work that is done with love and performed well will open up different doors for everyone one day. I always had the enthusiasm for painting. I have never given up drawing. I participated in a different type of plate painting workshop in support of this process. I enjoyed this process, too. I was thrilled by the idea of going ahead and putting my signature under a special design to decorate the walls of the houses. After this workshop, I have listened to the voice of my heart and I created my own brand. The initials of our family members made up Bona. We are a nuclear family of 4, including my father, my mother, and my sister.”

Everything she sees inspires her
Özge Kartal, who developed a different concept with Bona’s Art, describes the design line and collections as follows: “I prepared three different collections as Küt Saçlı Kızlar (Girls with Bob Cuts), Kumru (Dove), and Cennet (Heaven). Apart from these collections, I also have original designs. I also make custom designs according to incoming requests. As I made special drawings for white plates, I am now preparing my own plates in my own oven, using my own clay. The next step is to design these plates in a very high temperature, in a format that will enable them to be used as service plates… My father has been a general manager in the ceramic industry for many years and is a professional name in the field of ceramic production. I started this journey with my father. He handles the management part of the business as I deal with the creation part of it. Everything I see inspires me: a toothpick, a bead, blueberries, hay, a paper bag or a dried leaf… Parent figures have an important position in life to me. I am emphasizing the family concept with my Kumru series. I use acrylic and glass paints in my designs. My days are divided by two. I meet with my clients until 19.00. I focus on my designs after business hours. My target mass reaches me through my instagram account @bonas_art. My biggest target is to create an organic connection with my target mass.”

She is going to focus on decorative and concept product designs
Focusing on various designs such as plates, coffee cups, jam spoons, wooden spoons, and teapots, Özge Kartal cares very much about the series of Kumru and Cennet. With the Kumru series, Kartal, who has created a special work on wishes, said, “I have a special dove’s nest that I prepared from clay for the Kumru series. There are eggs in this nest. The person who purchases this design makes a wish. When his/her wish comes true, he/she gives the egg to a dear friend to help his/her wish come true. I’d like to see this cycle continue with this spirit and to match the products I designed with the individuals who purchase them.” While continuing her practice of law in 2018, she stated that she will focus on carrying the Bona’s Art brand to a different position and said, “For me, leaving a mark behind is the most important thing in life. As I continue practicing law, I will concentrate a little more on Bona’s Art, which triggers my passion for creation. I will reach a wider range of audience by producing my own ceramic using my own oven. I will focus on the design of decorative and concept products such as dining sets, vases, and coffee cups. My designs reach different points of Turkey. There is a great interest in custom designs. My biggest dream is to see that my concept will gain recognition and people who have seen my designs will say that, ‘This is the line of Özge Kartal’… I will start sales abroad in 2019.”