“I think we can call it true love only if there is no social bond between two hearts, the approval of the society, or an appropriate environment.”

“A beautiful novel, a film shot for only you to enjoy it. It is also very exciting…”

The latest novel by the popular author Tuna Kiremitçi, whose novel titled “Leave Before I Fall in” made a hit, took its place on the shelves. The book that treats not to give up on love is ready for readers. The author met with us with his new novel. He is also popular with his poet, soloist, composer, and songwriter identities. We had a pleasant conversation with Tuna Kiremitçi on his new novel ‘If You Love So You Must Cry.’

How did the process of writing If You Love So You Must Cry go for you?
The idea of creating the main character of the novel, Sitare, came to my mind many years ago. As a woman who has sought for love all her life but couldn’t find it… I brought it up one day to my mentor Selim İleri. He said, “You must write this girl.” I began to consider it more seriously. However, it took some time for the story to mature.

Can you summarize the plot for us?
Sitare, who used to be a child star once upon a time, is now a woman in her thirties, forgotten, and alone. She has not found the love she has searched for all her life. She gets an offer to play a small part in a TV drama series, which will be shot in a remote town, right when she was cornered by life. It is a bitter town, which was destroyed by an earthquake five months ago, trying to heal its wounds just as Sitare. She finds love there in the most unexpected way. To her amazement, she realizes that true love is something beyond her imagination.

The main character of your novel, Sitare spends a lifetime looking for true love, what is the description of true love according to this character?
Sitare’s real problem is to find someone who is going to understand her. She is afraid of dying alone as many others do. She is also very tired because she had to act since her childhood. She wants someone to make her feel that she is not alone in this world, filling the space that was left behind from his mother and father. Her misfortune is to look for true love always in the wrong places.

As a popular name of contemporary literature, which authors do you like to read the most?
I already mentioned that I consider Selim İleri as my mentor. In the same manner, I like to read works by authors who touch the human soul such as Attilâ İlhan, Boris Vian, and Scott Fitzgerald. There are also names from my generation such as Hande Altaylı, Hakan Günday, and Ece Temelkuran.

The spot of your novel is ‘true love is between different worlds’ could you clear this?
I think we can call it true love only if there is no social bond between two hearts, the approval of the society, or an appropriate environment. Because only then true love exists; and this is impossible. There are prices to pay. This conflict highly interests me; because, one can go through this much trouble only for true love.

You make an entry with verses by Ergin Günçe, why the particular verses?
My poet friend Sinem Sal shared these verses in social media one morning. I loved them since I haven’t read anything by Ergin Günçe for years. I found the whole poem and read it at once. Those verses were suitable for my novel’s mood. That is why I used them.

Can you tell us about the other characters in your novel?
Devran is a taxi driver. He has his own troubles, dilemmas; however, he is trying to survive. Enis is the scenarist of the drama series in which Sitare plays a small part. Just as Devran, he also has feelings for Sitare. There are also people from the set: director, actors, cinematographers, lights. They are all trying to get along with each other while doing their jobs in an unfamiliar town.

What do you think the best and hardest part of writing novels?
Creating a new world and animating the characters in this world have always been fun. Also, a beautiful novel is like a movie shot only for you. This is exciting. The hardest part of it is treating deep issues as simple and clear as you can. This is how your novel can touch the hearts of readers.

What does influence you when you are creating the characters; what are your methods?
My only inspiration is humans; humans whom I have known, observed, and become friends with. I grew up in Beyoğlu. I got to meet every kind of people there. Among them, I knew child stars that have been forgotten later on, lost souls. They were hooked on the past. They couldn’t look ahead in future. They were finding shelter in alcohol and drugs to forget the past. Sitare was born out of the projection of those bitter people in my memory.

You have dedicated your book to the ones who cannot give up even when they give up. Which one is harder to you: giving up or not giving up?
I guess giving up is harder, since we cannot bring ourselves to giving up somehow, despite everything…