Back And Forth Between Continents

Back And Forth Between Continents

The story of social entrepreneur Dicle Göçmen, who has witnessed different lives and dreams, wandering over 40 countries and the streets of more than 100 cities, has the potential to inspire many people.

VMware Abu Dhabi SMB (Small and Medium Sized) Customer Sales Executive and Social Entrepreneur Dicle Göçmen, who takes place in a team of 22 that built a house for the Camacho Family, who was left homeless in the Tijuana region of Mexico, and met the educational needs of a school in Dandora, Nairobi, accompanied a disabled athlete who competed in Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 in March throughout the Olympics.

She adds joy and hope to lives

Having studied Business Administration in English at İstanbul University after graduating from Üsküdar American High School, Dicle Göçmen started her career in Deloitte Turkey. After a year as an auditor, she realized that this task did not correspond to her character, and she turned to the IT sector, where she could use her power of social communication much more effectively. After working at a marketing and sales position at HP Turkey, Göçmen was transferred to Oracle Turkey. Following her sales experience gained here, she has been appointed as an expat manager to Oracle’s headquarters in Dubai. While serving in the headquarters of Oracle in Dubai, leading sales projects in Saudi Arabia and Oman, Göçmen served as the Abu Dhabi SMB (Small and Medium Sized) customer sales executive for VMware in the last 1 year. Göçmen, who advances by getting her strength from the teams she works with to realize her goals all over the world, and from the individuals whose lives she can add hope and joy, said,  “In this journey that I set out in the spirit of social entrepreneurship, the happiness, and joy of life I see in the eyes of the people whose lives I could add beauty give me strength for the projects I want to realize in the future. We read a lot, work a lot and we see a lot. Corporate life gives us careers and financial strength. But there are many who don’t have the same opportunity. I became a social entrepreneur in order to reach individuals who need education and accommodation at different points of the world and to keep this balance of exchange.”


An adventure reaching from Nairobi to Mexico

In 2012, Dicle Göçmen, who went to Africa with a friend named Zeynep Korkunç, who also served in the IT sector, contacted a school in Dandora, Nairobi. Göçmen stated that they determined the needs of the students with the school administration. “We went to a school where there were dozens of children aged 4-8. We went to class with them. We asked what they wanted to be in the future, and we wanted them to draw pictures about it. We played with play dough. We decorated their classrooms and even painted their faces. We delivered all the needs of the students to the school administration. When we left the school, they were asking us when we were coming back and this was the best proof of what a beautiful thing we were doing. The hope and happiness in the eyes of the little ones we draw pictures together and put on bracelets with evil eye beads on that day worth everything,” she says.

The VMware company, where Göçmen currently serves, directs its employees to voluntary projects under the title of VMware Volunteering. Göçmen stated that her project in 2019 is a project to house homeless people in Mexico or South Africa. She says, “In this context, I bought my ticket and  I went to Mexico’s Tijuana region in the first week of February. We stayed in the camp for 1 week with a team of 22 people. We built a 2-room house for the Juan & Elena Camacho Family. It was a hard work pace. We were far from the standard living conditions we were accustomed to. But the last day, when we finished the house and handed the key over to Elena, the mother of the house, happiness reflected on Elena’s face and made us forget all our tiredness. That moment we couldn’t keep our tears.”

She will realize her own project

Dicle Göçmen, who accompanied a disabled athlete who competed in Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019 in Dubai between March 14 and 21 throughout the games, was responsible for all the processes from the moment this athlete came off the plane and returned to her country. The biggest dream of Göçmen, who becomes happy by touching others’ lives, beautifying and making those lives better, is to realize her own social entrepreneurship project. Göçmen has been working on a project where the disabled people not be remembered only on World Autism Day or World Down Syndrome Day but they will be included in every day’s life. Göçmen’s master preference clearly reflects her dynamic personality. Göçmen, who began to her master’s degree at İstanbul Yoga Center, which is the İstanbul leg of Swami Vivekananda University in India, is specialized in the area of “disabled and yoga.” Göçmen conducts yoga exercises for children with disabilities at rehabilitation centers. She also explains that every child she works with makes her discover yoga all over again. In order to finish the training, she said that they should give 30 hours of internship lessons and 20 pages of research. Göçmen continues to her words: “I have defined my own subject as “disabled and yoga”. On the day I delivered my thesis, I decided to apply to the centers where I could reach disabled people. I work with disabled children in rehabilitation centers for 40 minutes each.”