Battle to Lose Weight

Battle to Lose Weight

Excessive weight gain has been one of the most important health problems in recent years.

Aside from those who battle with their weight problems in different ways or by creating their own diets, the number of people consulting to experts is increasing. However, both those who lose weight on their own and those who consult to experts should make careful choices.

Experts’ approach to overweight patients who consult them are important. How long ago the excessive weight gain, regional fat deposition, cellulite or tissue softening problems begin to appear; the reason behind their occurrence and development, their course and development over time, whether there is such occurrence in the family history or not; the consultant’s habits, lifestyles, sociocultural level; system examinations; the existence of chronic diseases should be questioned carefully to have an idea about the reason behind the development of the problem. Afterward, biochemical analysis, physical examination and body composition test showing body components should be performed for physical evaluation of the patient. Particular attention should be paid during the physical examination to various vascular diseases, heart disease, osteoporosis, bleeding and clotting problems. All these data are collected to clarify the patient’s condition and determine the course of treatment.


Diets with high magazine value should be avoided. These diets can cause more harm than good. Since everyone’s body, problem and needs are different, the diet and its content should be different for everyone. Therefore, you should avoid popular diets. Your nutrition and diet specialist will prepare the diet required for you and will follow up with you.


Performing body composition tests is the first step for people with cellulite or obesity to determine which methods are needed. Thereafter, a number of methods can be combined to provide a strengthened effect through weekly applications. Thus, more permanent, healthier and comfortable therapies can be performed.


All slimming methods help people to lose weight and it is very important that the methods to be applied do not harm the body tissues. For example, people with bone loss should avoid ultrasound; people with lung and heart disease should avoid carboxytherapy; people whose legs with vascular problems should avoid methods such as electrotherapy and vacuum therapy and people with liver and digestive problems should avoid methods that accelerate metabolism. Injection of various drugs to tissues, especially for slimming purposes, can also cause irreversible harm to individuals.


Unfortunately, we see a lot of misleading advertisements in the market for people with obesity problems. These people must not believe in expressions such as lose 10 kg in 10 sessions or drop 3 sizes in 1 session. Healthy weight loss is beneficial when performed on a scientific basis, with a personalized approach, otherwise treatments may have harmful consequences. The greatest success rate in weight loss is achieved by people who are determined. Those who were able to lose their undesired weight must be careful about keeping them off in the future.


Excessive weight gain is actually formed by the accumulation of fat that we could not burn and toxins that could not be eliminated from the body in the least active areas of the body. The accumulation of fats and toxins in the tissues causes the activity in these areas to be limited, increasing the pain during activity and thus increasing the weight of the person who becomes less active. The moment these complaints are recognized is usually late because the problem becomes quite apparent and the solution is not easy. From time to time, methods such as testing your body size by trying on your clothes, measuring your weight, and making sure to walk at least an average of 3 km per day are extremely valuable for people to keep their body in shape.