“Be Aware Of Your Boundaries”

“Be Aware Of Your Boundaries”

Münteha Adalı, who was born in the Siverek district of Şanlıurfa, is the daughter of a landlord. Expressing that she was raised in a sharing, cultural and strong structure that supported our environment, Adalı had struggled to make her dreams come true after coming to İstanbul.

The Founding Partner of Güvensan Tesis Hizmetleri, Adalı had discovered her entrepreneur spirit while working in the banking sector and later aimed for the facility maintenance services. She has become one of the successful women entrepreneurs of the Turkish business life by means of her idealist, result-oriented, and visionary personality. Supporting women entrepreneurs in business life, outspoken and energetic Adalı has been undertaking significant responsibilities at non-governmental organizations as an angel investor.

From banking to entrepreneurship

Not giving in to the struggles she faced during her education and career, believing in that people should be able to comprehend each other within the given conditions and realities, Münteha Adalı knows the service sector like the palm of her hand. Adalı who is experienced in banking, building maintenance services, tourism, and restaurant management started working at Yapı Kredi Bank’s Tarlabaşı branch in September 1987 following her graduation from Anadolu University’s Open Education Faculty Department of Economics in 1987. Adalı, who had become a chief at the end of her third year, was transferred first to the Taksim branch and then to the Fındıklı branch as a satisfactory result of her extensive work. Working in the banking sector until 1996, Adalı listened to the entrepreneur spirit of hers in this process and founded Güvensan Tesis Hizmetleri that operates in the cleaning industry. She has been working for full time at Güvensan Tesis Hizmetleri since 1996. Stating that they have been serving throughout Turkey since 1999, Adalı said, “As Güvensan Tesis Hizmetleri, we serve in different fields like cleaning, pest control, plant care, technical maintenance, and payroll. In fact, we are selling comfort and pronounce that cleaning is a matter of conscious. You have to present this service through legal procedures. You cannot construct it without legitimate grounds. We serve with a team of over 900 in Turkey.”

“We have created women executives in the cleaning sector.”

Underlining the fact that while performing in this sector they still run into persons and establishments that are unaware of what they are doing, Münteha Adalı said, “Buildings are like human beings. They require maintenance to continue with their lives. This maintenance is indeed essential in terms of productive work of the individuals who live or work in these buildings. In other words, if the air conditioning is not working or cleaning services are being undone at a workplace, you cannot talk about productivity. You would be annoyed if the trash was not picked where you work even for a day. If the cleaning was undone, you would be breathing in the dust. If the filters of the A/Cs are not replaced, carpeted areas are not vacuumed, although the money spent on those seems like going to waste, the health problems will arise fast. We know that allergic reactions show a significant increase in the major cities. Although the facility maintenance services carry a great importance for companies, we cannot ignore the lack of knowledge in this field. We had to observe the realities of both clients and workers clearly. Setting common goals could be shaped by an academic foundation. At that point, I have founded Güvensan Academy. The cleaning sector was dominated by the male chiefs in the past. We started creating women managers in the cleaning sector as the Güvensan. “Growing with the new by keeping what is in store…” is our goal for 2018. We will continue thriving on this motto in 2019. What you speak of must complement what you do.”

She supports the successful women entrepreneurs

Having been undertaking various responsibilities within Kagider since 2004 and supporting the idealist women entrepreneurs like her, Münteha Adalı says, “The basic mission of Kagider is to support women entrepreneurs. I first suggested the idea of Genç (Young) Kagider within this concept in 2005. It happened to be realized in 2011. This process was followed by gaining the acquaintance of Ahu Serter, shaping the Arya Kadın Yatırım (Women Investment) Platform idea that came to the fore as the first woman oriented investment platform of Turkey in 2013, realizing the platform in 2014. I am both the founder of the Arya Kadın Yatırım Platform and an angel investor. I have become the angel investor of the projects tutumluanne.com and Tukutukum withing the scope of our platform.

Tukutukum, created by Tuğba Kuzdere, is a designer brand. The brand designs silk scarves, kimonos, and pareus. Özden Pusat, the founder of Tutumlu Anne, continues growing the from-mother-to-mother  second-hand baby items sales platform. The biggest problem of the entrepreneurs in Turkey is that everyone focuses on the same project. Or they copy the business ideas that become popular abroad. Entrepreneurs who are unaware of themselves and the limits of the things that they can do cannot advance in business life. They must be aware of the fact that they are alone in business life. You are the sole source of both the trouble and its solution.” Led by Münteha Adalı and realized by Arya Kadın Yatırım Platform in January 2018, the “Men Talk” project gains enormous attention.