A new brand is in service at the Digital Lab design studio, which was founded 3 years ago in Kadikoy, Moda. The Magic Brush Bike, which its foundation was laid 1.5 years ago but its launching was done in February, has a special concept where hand painted custom bicycles take place materialized by Burak Akyıldırım and his big sister Müge Demirel. The duo who signs under extraordinary designs by painting the frame and the fork portions of a bicycle already became popular among the bicycling enthusiasts. Co-founder of the Magic Brush Bike Burak Akyıldırım talked about how they make a difference in bicycle design.

One of each model
Although he received training in different fields, Burak Akyıldız, who is now 32, listened to what his heart told him and aimed for design. Akyıldırım, who graduated from Uludağ University, Department of Finance, resigned after working for four years as a sales representative and worked as the manager for two years at their family restaurant named Satsuma, which is located in Kozyatağı. Stating his passion for bicycles, Burak Akyıldırım tells the birth story of the Magic Brush Bike brand: “My sister Müge Demirel opened a boutique design studio called Digital Lab in Kadikoy 3 years ago. She is a very talented artist… She has the skill to paint on different things. She signed under many different designs at this workshop from hats to shoes. I was going to get myself a bike 1.5 years ago. At that time, I asked my sister, “Why don’t we paint bikes?” Later, we bought a bike and experimented on it. We gave the bike wood effect and we were happy with what we did. We decided to make hand-painted designs on the frame and fork portions of bikes. We shared this concept with a fellow bicycler. He led us to his friends. So, we obtained a few frames. Later, we decided on what type of designs, actually themes, we would apply on these frames and forks. We focused on the designing process after we purchased the necessary supplies.”

At first, only their own designs will be prominent
Burak Akyıldırım, who indicates that they are going to design an original bicycle café with the Magic Brush Bike brand serving within Digital Lab and sell different products for bicycles in here, says that they haven’t come across other examples of hand-painted custom bicycles in Turkey. At first, they are only going to work on their own designs, but later they are going to begin making custom designs in accordance with customer requests. Akyıldırım says, “We are focused now only on painting forks and frames. We constructed a concept by assembling our 2 bikes from A to Z, so our clients can see the finished products. We assist people who would like to transform their bicycles by using our designed forks and frames. After this system settles, we are going to be able to assist people who want to assemble their own bicycles. Our hand-painted frame and fork prices are now 1,000 TL. The price of our bicycle, which is ready to use with hand-painted frame and fork, is 1,800 TL. My sister, Müge Demirel moved her workshop to Dalaman. Bicycles are painted there. Each has a different concept, because we want to offer alternative designs to our target audience. We have currently painted 10 forks and 10 frames.”

Painting takes four days
Burak Akyıldırım gives the following information on their technique: “We can call ourselves as bicycle tattooists. We don’t do serial production. Since we work on hand-painted designs, we begin to work on a new design after we complete the work at hand. Here is how our process goes: We apply priming on the frame and wait for a day. Later, we paint this frame in one or two days according to the predetermined concept. We work with airbrush and Posca markers mainly. Airbrush is like a small handgun with a tiny needle at the tip. Airbrush allows us to create beautiful designs. My sister is the expert on this… After the whole process is completed, it is varnished at intervals. If we count the varnishing process, we can say that the design of a bike is completed in 4 days.”Akyıldırım, who states that they are going to find classic frames in the future and hand-paint them as well, says, “My future goal for this brand is branching out to the world market… My focus always will be bicycles. We are planning to paint bicycle helmets. Over the years, I might aim for hand-painted motorcycle concept.”