Having a Blue Flag is an indicator of prestige in the world tourism. This document underlines that beaches are microbiologically clean and competent in the aspect of environmental management. Some become prominent thanks to their untouched nature and some with their clear waters and managements that are sensitive to environment. The International Blue Flag Jury awarded the second place to Turkey with 444 beaches among 50 countries in 2016. In addition, 21 marinas are qualified for a Blue Flag. We created a selection for you by considering Blue Flag beaches that analyze their waters every 15 days according to their regional vacation destinations so; you can enjoy swimming your mind at peace…

Where history and blue combined: Anemurium Beach
Mersin’s 600 meter long Kızkalesi (Maidencastle) Public Beach is surrounded with rocks acting as a natural jetty on one side and Korikos Castle on the other. The sea is as calm as a pool at any time of day because the waves cannot enter the cove thanks to these rocks. Maiden Castle that has given the beach its name takes place between Korikos Castle and the wave breaker. The beach once awarded with a Blue Flag is flagless now. However, four-star Hotel Anemurion with a pier in its Blue Flag beach, located in Bozyazı district at the seaside, holds on to its flag tight since 2006. This place encourages its guests for historical sightseeing.

Windy cape
The word definition of the ancient settlement of Anemurium, located at the foot of the Taurus projecting into the sea, is ‘windy cape.’ Although, the city seems to spread over a large piece of land, the cemetery with about 350 to 400 tombs seems to be what actually covers the most land surface. This city of the dead is one of the best-conserved necropolis sites in Anatolia at the same time. Don’t skip to see Mamure Castle as you travel from Anamur to east, to Silifke direction. Mamure Castle had been laid on ancient foundations just as many other Anatolian castles.

Fit for queens: Cleopatra beach
Alanya sells the sun. Its slogan: Where the sun smiles… Until recently, the locals used to tell each other: “Your castle, your tower, your cave… What more are you looking for?” Alanya doesn’t lean its tourism on only its beaches, the sun, and entertainment without a doubt; however, they carry importance as well as its castle, tower, and caves. The Inner Castle of Alanya is the highest point of the peninsula. The beaches stretching 3-km to west and 8-km to east can be viewed panoramically from here. The most popular one among them is the 2-km long Cleopatra Beach.

Golden sands
According to the legend, Antonius had presented Alanya and the surrounding area to Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as a gift. The queen had climbed down the castle to the beach every day to bathe. In fact, there was also a tunnel, if Cleopatra wished to swim, she could have directly reached the beach from the castle. Cleopatra had stopped by this beach every time she had made a sail. The wide beach has thin golden sands. The depth of the seawater reaches about 8 to 10 meters and it is very clear.

Has plenty of Blue Flags: Karaburun
Karaburun, founded on the rocks at the entrance of the Izmir Bay at the northernmost point of the peninsula, has the clearest waters and the prettiest coves of the region. That’s why the place has three Blue Flag coves. It is possible to see Sakız Island, Foça, and Urla from the hills of Karaburun, in 100 km distance from Izmir. The coves are lined back to back following the Karaburun Pier. The seawater remains clear because of the undercurrents. The most luxurious hotel of Karaburun is Narcissus and it is located at the Aquarium Bay. It is possible to reach this cove with clear waters from the outside of the hotel. In Karaburun, there is a small beach at the Blue Flag İncirli cove with beach umbrellas, camping area, and a cafeteria.

Elegant villas
Following this cove, the German Cove with the most elegant looking villas of Karaburun comes. It has been founded on steep rocks with the best view of Karaburun. You can reach this cove through the steps on the way. Another Blue Flag beach is located at the Bodrum Cove where the Astoria Hotel is. This is the most popular cove of Karaburun. Another popular beach of Karaburun is the Blue Flag Kuyucak Public Beach located under the Mimas Hotel. Thanks to Çeşme that attracts the tourist crowds Karaburun is more modest. It is worth spending time in its villages as well as its beaches.

Swimming in wild life: The National Park of Dilek Peninsula
Imagine a seaside where seeing the herds of horse and boar go down to beaches is ordinary. For the patrons of the National Park of Dilek Peninsula, it is an ordinary thing that requires no panic. Moreover, the actual inhabitants of the park love to be handfed. Within the borders of Güzelçamlı and in 28 km distance from Kuşadası, the National Park of Dilek Peninsula located between Küçük Menderes (Little Meander river) and Büyük Menderes (Meander river) is a part of the Meander, which is 500 million years old. Having been divided by many deep canyons, valleys, and streams, the peninsula has a wild nature. The young animals born in here to the horses and cattle that were left in the peninsula years ago have become wild.

Unspoiled nature
This nature zone is beautiful with its vegetation, wild bird, and animal species seen in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea, its caves, and valleys, and beaches located at its 30-km long coast. Among the coves located at the Park, İçmeler Cove, the one with a sandy beach, has a noteworthy Blue Flag beach. Each beach is equipped with showers, changing cabins, drinking water, restrooms, picnic area, and a cafeteria. Currently, renting canoes and pedalos, snorkeling, line fishing both from shore and from a boat are possible at the park. In addition, there are 28 different trekking courses; however, most of them are unmarked.

Watch it from the sky; dive into its depths: Blue Lagoon
Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) is one of the places to see and to swim in its blueness at least once in a lifetime. It has a fantastic nature. A 13-km long road that is surrounded by forests on both sides stretches from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz. At the end of this road, the blueness of Blue Flag Belcekız Cove catches your eyes. At the Belcekız Public Beach, which is pretty with its white sands and its waters that change color from white to blue because of the refraction of light, the seawater is analyzed often. A Blue Flag holder, Kumburnu Public Beach is special because it is a lagoon. Although the sands and the aquarium blue waters are perfect at Ölüdeniz, still what makes swimming there special is the beautiful nature that surrounds the water.

Popular and pleasant
Despite its popularity, the coast of these blue waters under the shades of pine trees and people who paraglide is highly enjoyable. Only if you like to fight with waves, this place is not for you, because its waters are as calm as a lake’s. As the Belcekız beach is hit by waves during the stormy days, Ölüdeniz only gets choppy. It is possible to come across swimmers any time of year. Some areas of the water are warm as some others are cold. Sea level goes up and down about half meters every few days due to the tidal effects. The part of Kumburnu that projects into the sea deepens slowly, as the Belcekız part deepens after just a few steps taken into the water. The area that covers Blue Lagoon and the Kıdrak Beach is a protected site today within the Special Environmental Protection Area. The National Park of Kumburnu, located between Belcekız and Ölüdeniz, is a public beach and the lagoon part is in here. Seaside camping locations are available at the upper side of the National Park.

Camping pleasure: Aktur
Datça experiences the advantages of staying away from the mass tourism, because it doesn’t have an airport and the access roads to Datça are remote. Aktur is a tradition in Datça and the place might cause addiction with its nature and sea. Aktur’s holiday resort and camping site are located at the same place. A small mountain in the shape of a peninsula divides the two beaches; however, they are still a few steps away from each other.

Free entrance
Whether you like it wavy or calm, the resort part of the cove is wavy and the camping part is always calm. At the beaches where the entrance is free of charge, disabled access piers are available. Health care, pharmacy, and 24-hour ambulance services are also available. There is a diving school as well as alternatives for the ones who enjoy water sports.