Both Traditional and Modern

Both Traditional and Modern

Bahar Alan with a background as an industrial engineer who listened to her inner-desire of going back to nature and her entrepreneurial spirit while she was working in the family company Körfez Döküm, which operates in the steel industry, began producing olive oil under the brand of Nova Vera in Ayvalık in 2017.

Coming back with 24 medals from the global competitions entered with ‘Erken Hasat’ and ‘Ege Sızma’ titles since January 2017, Nova Vera olive oil brand has been followed closely by the American and Japanese olive oil enthusiasts. We talked to Alan, who says that they target becoming a well-known brand particularly in America in ten years, about the story of their initiative.

She was trained in olive oil tasting in America

The olive oil factory, which was founded by Bahar Alan through an investment of 7.5 billion TL in the Küçükköy vicinity on İzmir-Çanakkale Highway in October 2017, has been growing with global targets. Nova Vera, which advances by investing in the vision of melting timelessness, modernism, traditionalism, technology, quality, and taste in the same pot, lately took place among the five Turkish brands to enter the 2019 Flos Olei Catalog, which lists the best 500 olive oil brands in the world.

Always focusing on realizing the best in business life, Alan went to California, USA in 2017 and received a training in olive oil tasting within the special program organized under the co-operation of Olive Oil Times Education Lab and International Culinary Institute. Alan, whose signature remains under many success stories both in professional and entrepreneurial lives thanks to her idealist and result-oriented personality, values getting pleasure out of everything she does in life. Keeping her distance from any task that turns into an obligation, Alan thinks that her 17-years of experience in business life had her entrepreneurship story gain a different direction. The production in their 600-hectars of olive gardens located in Ayvalık and Manisa is made by following the essentials of organic production. Only early harvest and cold press techniques are used. The target is to produce the best quality of olive oil with the highest health components.

The success that came with the early harvest

Emphasizing that they set off on this journey to create a brand that will relate to consumers in terms of production and design, Bahar Alan says, “We have created a timeless brand, bearing the marks of both the past and the future. We advance by integrating traditionalism with the use of correct techniques. Stone press cannot provide the necessary hygiene for the olives. Therefore, unavoidable imperfections occur. Air press causes the loss of true aroma because the process oxidizes the oil. So, we don’t stone press. We focus on modern production.”