Breeze of Nature in Decoration

Breeze of Nature in Decoration

We have recently opened the door to the breeze of nature. Plants, woods, everything from organic type became part of our decoration.

Even though we forget the old and our tastes change with the developing technology, the breeze of nature is still indispensable. If you want to include natural colors, woods and stones in your home decoration, we say take a look at the usage areas of these materials. The beauty of  nature will suit your home.


The indispensable of the old times, wood, is now everywhere. The wood that you can use in almost every room helps you get a warm look and not to stay away from the naturalness. You can use it as furniture or as an accessory or floor installation. It is up to you in which corner of your house you will apply the naturalness.


The colors you will combine with wooden details in your home should be natural. Remember that the best color that goes to wood is green. The crown jewel of naturalness is green; you can choose any tone like emerald, light, dark, mint. Curtains, carpets, seats, you can benefit from green tones in your choice of accessories, but not in all of them, pick one or two… Coffee tones and blues are the other colors that reflect the naturalness…


The patterns are with us in almost every corner of our house. You can choose your curtains, armchairs, and carpets with natural patterns. Large leaf patterns have become very popular recently. If you don’t like patterns in large spaces, you can use them on small decorative pieces like a pillowcase that cheers up a boring chair and add a natural breeze to your decoration.


Marble is the first thing that comes to mind when we say natural stone. The marble we use in bathrooms and kitchens have recently become very preferable in living rooms and even in bedrooms. Anthracite or black marbles to be used in table or coffee table designs spread nature to the whole place. Of course, do not forget to choose the most natural look in marble. Be sure to complete with your green plants; plants are a part of nature as well as being the complementary element of your decoration…