Bring Home The Happiness and Good Luck

Bring Home The Happiness and Good Luck

Originated from China, Chi Feng Shui is one of the favorite trends in home decoration. Although the literal meaning of the word is wind and water, it is, in fact, a philosophy, which is based on the belief that the energy of wind and water will make our lives more balanced and bring us abundance and good luck.

Chi, the main element of Feng Shui, means the invisible energy that exists everywhere. When that energy accumulates in a certain area, this means that Feng Shui in that area is very good. In order to carry out the Feng Shui methods in your living spaces, first you cut the negative energy and increase the positive energy by making a variety of arrangements in the colors, positions, and patterns of accessories and furniture in your house.


According to Feng Shui, the art of organizing furniture, an ideal house should be shaped as a rectangle or a square. If possible, the windows should also be shaped as a rectangle and open towards outside and there should be three windows against each door in the house. The other sections of the house should be proportional and the living room and bedroom should be larger than the other rooms. The entrance door of the house should be large, opening to a spacious and bright area, if possible. According to Feng Shui, you should keep the entrance hall of your house well organized, clean, and free of any mess so it will bring good luck. You can decorate the entrance door with objects that are believed to bring good luck. You can place a mirror against the entrance door to reflect the energy that gets in your house. Many cultures believe that hanging a horseshoe on the entrance door brings good luck.


You can choose the decorative objects to use according to your own believes because Feng Shui is not a belief system. You can hang an object that is believed to protect your house according to your belief on the entrance door. For example, you can keep the energy of your house high by hanging a protective prayer or an evil eye on the entrance door.


The kitchen should be well illuminated and spacious.  There should not be a toilet or bedroom across it. Some tools in the kitchen have certain meanings in Feng Shui. The sink and the counter represent water; the stovetop and oven symbolize fire. That is why the two sections should not be positioned next to each other.

If you have a separate dining room in your house, it should be positioned near the kitchen and wooden materials should be preferred to be used in the dining room. You should avoid the use of marble or glass. The use of a mirror to complete the dining table and to increase the abundance would be a good choice of accessory. Place the fruits where they can be visible in order to bring positive energy. A bowl of oranges and apples will fill your house with health while it will also look nice in terms of decoration. The decorative use of chamomile tea also brings good luck.    


The living room decoration has an important place in Feng Shui because it is among the significant sections of a home. Choose furniture with straight lines. There should not be open beams. You should use bright and colorful paintings and plenty of plants in the living room, using natural sunlight as much as possible. The objects that contain water should be positioned visibly. According to Feng Shui, using fresh flowers in home decoration brings happiness along with a treasure. Burning incense is also believed to clear negative energy at home.


Warm and calm colors should be selected for bedrooms, and the bed should not be facing a mirror if possible. The bed should be positioned next to a wall, and its head should not be next to a window. Do not keep electronics such as a TV or a computer in your bedroom for a healthy and peaceful environment. Soft and calm products enable you to feel good and relax.


According to Feng Shui, mirrors draw the positive energy. You can bring some positive energy home by positioning a mirror in a way to reflect the beautiful landscape of the front yard. The use of mirrors in bathrooms is also substantial. Bathroom or toilet doors should not be visible from the front section of your house, and they should not face your living room or kitchen. A bed should not be placed next to a wall that neighbors such area.