We are aware of that our railways have been neglected for the last 60 years. However, our nation knows that we have done what should have been done for Turkey since the first day that we have taken the office. Investment allocations, which is more than the amount of the total allocations of the last 60 years, have been subsidized for our railways. During the progress, the railways that most parts of them were not renewed were renewed and the passenger capacities were increased. Our country isthe 8th in the world, and 6th in Europe among the High Speed Train operating countries and our place has been strengthened with the building of Ankara- Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-İstanbul lines. We have created a new indigenous railway industry. Now, the materials that our railways need such as rails, switches, axle beams, connection elements are now being manufactured in our country. Materialization of the Modern Silk Railway is just a matter of time now. Logistics centers had been built, industrial zones had been connected with railways. The building process of our National High- Speed Train has begun. We are about to take the final step into the liberalization of our railways. In other words, recreation of our railways was just as putting the pieces of a puzzle together. We have gained such speed in 12 years that no one is going to attempt to neglect our railways, or stop the investments ever again. The great Atatürk points us a target: Have our country reach above the level of contemporary civilization. A country that its railways are underdeveloped cannot reach the level of contemporary civilization. It is not possible to talk about the contemporary civilization for a country with no High-Speed Railways. Our way is specific. We go on our way with the ‘Railways bring prosperity and wealth’ motto nonstop, without giving up or resting.