The most important feature of the new generation is the unlimited creativity…  Hilal Onur, 27 years old, is now moving the art of painting, which she has been passionate about since her childhood, on to clothes through her brand MarmelArt Design. Onur uses clothes such as jackets, coats, dresses and shirts as a canvas and designs each product like a painting. Hilal Onur’s MarmelArt Design meets with the target mass as a reflection of her wearable art vision.

She reflects her passion for painting on to clothes
Hilal Onur, who graduated from Fine Arts Academy of Mimar Sinan University Department of Painting, is one of our young painters who have participated in many group exhibitions until now. Onur, who lived in America until the age of 5 and then settled down in Bursa with her family, worked as an assistant in Bursa Art House during the summer terms and also gave special art education courses for university and high school preparation. Hilal Onur, who created original designs for digital printing on special collection clothes that are prepared for different textile brands, has been living in Istanbul since 2008. Onur, who says she has been interested in color pencils more than toys ever since her childhood, also says, “I have discovered a world that is different, colorful and mine by drawing on not only a color book but also on other furniture and the walls in the house. When I was just a little kid I had already chosen to express my feelings in solid terms through drawing. I used to make pictures on my t-shirts. My mother liked them a lot. My mother has been in the textile business for many years. She likes to sew her own clothes or make alterations on the existing ones. I would draw pictures on the ones she altered. Thanks to her, I am familiar with the textile business. From time to time, I talk to my mother about a design that occurs in my mind and we decide on the fabric and the model together.”

She is going to prepare a yoga set in 2017
Hilal Onur, who set off from this point, established the MarmelArt Design brand in July 2015 by blending her passion for painting with the design process. Onur, who is an important representative of Wearable Art, explains what kind of a concept it is: ”I believe that our selection of clothes reflects the colors and patterns we use. The idea of combining painting with formal outfits began with the will to strengthen the connection between the art of painting and the audience. So the paintings which would hang on the wall instead will flow into the streets of the city. In July 2015, with the idea of walking paintings and with the slogan ‘Wearable Art’, I started the MarmelArt Design brand. So, I removed the distance between the viewer and the painting and combined the aesthetics of the art of painting with the aesthetics and emotions of the human body. Wearable art is, in a sense, a reference to living paintings and human liberation. I make custom designs. Each pattern or painting is different from each other. My goal is not getting popular or being involved in the popular. I want to be able to reach more people by leaving my signature on different designs. In 2017, I will create a unique yoga set. I am considering reproducing my bags that I have run a few tests as an accessory and got attention from people. My badges that are entirely handmade using different materials are also highly appreciated.”

Also puts her signature on large sized designs   
Hilal Onur, who mostly works on paintings, gives the following information about the technique she uses in her designs: “My designs can change according to the demands of my customers. For example, it can be a watercolor technique or an illustrative work. Sometimes, I make the drawing according to the structure of the dress. I use fabric dye as material. My designs can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees. I do not recommend dry cleaning and I do not recommend using bleach. If these rules are adhered to, the designs do not fade and have a much longer lifespan. For artificial leather jackets, I work with a special technique of which its mixture belongs to me. I like to paint on shirts more. I also have designs such as jackets, coats, pareos, coats, shawls, leather jackets, skirts, shirt dresses and skinny jeans. I am careful of using 100 percent cotton. The large sized women here in Turkey can have a hard time finding nice models for themselves. For this reason, I occasionally prepare mini-collections such as shirts, trenchcoats and long leather jackets. I mainly work with boutiques. “The biggest dream of Hilal Onur is to open a place within the MarmelArt Design brand in 3 years, where art and fashionistas can meet at one point, part cafe where pleasant conversations can be held, and part boutique where they can display their wearable paintings.