1.4 mIllIon doblos were sold sInce 2000. the model Is renovated for the 4th tIme. the InterIor of the vehIcle Is renewed completely, navIgatIon system and power mIrrors are added.

The New Generation Fiat Doblo, which is manufactured in the Tofaş factory, is available for sale. Fiat Doblo that was the most popular light commercial vehicle of Turkey in 2014 is being prepared to be the most selling vehicle of the light commercial vehicle market in 2015 with its completely renovated interior and exterior designs, Ecojet engine that offers fuel efficiency with maximum yield, high safety standards, and technological features that make our lives easier.

The New Generation Fiat Doblo targets to make a difference in fuel efficiency in its class with its 1.3 lt 90 hp Ecojet engine as well as with the engine options of the existing 1.3lt MJ 90 hp, and 1.6 lt MJ 90 hp, 1.6 lt MJ 105 hp. The Cargo version of the New Generation Fiat Doblo that takes place in Fiat Showrooms is offered in prices starting from 40,450 TL and for Combi version from 43,950 TL.

Interior is also renovated
The New Generation Fiat Doblo makes the difference with its modern design, which is developed with the customer expectations in mind, different body, and engine options to meet with the needs of big families and commercial firms, safety equipments, and technological features that brings new standards to its class. At first look, what draws attention in a Fiat Doblo with completely renovated interior and exterior designs is the modern appearance of its new bumper and its hood, which is consistent with the slenderized and curved roof. In addition, the passenger cabin of the vehicle reveals its difference with its new control panel, graphics, steering wheel, and door panels. Dashboard, steering wheel, and control panel are more ergonomic, aesthetic, and convenient. The door panels have larger storage space compared to the previous generation. Creating a more modern interior appearance with the updated upholstery, the New Generation Fiat Doblo captures the comfort of a sedan. While the updated bonnet, front bumper, front grille and headlamps, stoplights and rear door change the ambience of the car completely, Doblo’s appearance becomes more compact with its transversally developed front features compared to the previous generation.

Now there is navigation
UConnect multimedia system, which can be equipped with integrated navigation that has a colored 5-inch touch screen, can be purchased as an option. Some highly developed features such as phone-call management, special technology that enables its driver to read SMS messages, USB port, and transferring music files to UConnect via Bluetooth connection draw attention.

The New Generation Doblo Cargo carries the functionality to the highest level with its triple front seat design while also presenting the most functional solution in this class. Doblo Cargo doesn’t only offer seating capacity for three. The middle seat folds forward and can be used as a document holder, armrest, or a table. In addition, a storage compartment is located underneath the seat cushion. The vehicle also offers the highest fuel efficiency in its class with its new Ecojet engine.

New ergonomic engine
1.3 lt Ecojet engine option that was offered for the first time with the New Generation Fiat Doblo provides up to 12 percent saving in fuel consumption while presenting 40 percent more traction at low speeds. The New Generation Fiat Doblo’s average urban consumption is 4.4 lt of fuel per 100 kilometers and its average highway consumption is 3.9 lt of fuel with its new Ecojet engine. The vehicle achieves the most ergonomic fuel consumption with these rates.

Renault’s new and the first C crossover model in the brand’s history is taking a number of firsts. The President of Renault, Carlos Ghosn, made the world premiere of Kadjar. Kadjar is going to be the first model of the French brand to be manufactured in China. The model is going to be produced in Wuhan in cooperation with the Chinese partner Dongfeng and at Renault’s factory in Palencia, Spain. Kadjar is going to be on sale in Turkish market starting from this summer. The model, which is offered with variety of diesel engine options, automatic transmission, and 4×4 traction, is going to be the most competitive model of the brand in this field.

Competitive siblings
Renault Kadjar that is going to compete directly with Nissan Qashqai, the successful model of the Renault-Nissan alliance, is sharing the same platform and genes with its Japanese sibling. Kadjar’s place within the Renault product range is going to be somewhere between Captur and Koleos. The biggest competitors of the new model in the market, except Nissan Qashqai, are Skoda Yeti, Hyundai ix35, and Kia Sportage.

750 thousand sales are targeted in China
French manufacturer is also taking its first step into the Chinese market with Kadjar. Renault and Dongfeng signed an agreement in 2013. Thus, the Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company (DRAC) was born and the construction of the facility in Wuhan began. The start for the operations at the facility is expected in early 2016. Renault’s target, according to its mid-term plan, is to receive a 3.5 percent share of the Chinese market that means making 750 thousand yearly sales.

The interior is the work of a Turkish designer
A Turkish designer is entrusted with the interior designs of Renault models, color, and material selections. Turkish designer Yeşim Güleryüz who works for Renault Technocentre Design Department is responsible for making Kadjar’s interior selections. Güleryüz who was trained on fabrics and colors in Germany within the interior design team told us that she was 6 year-old when she came from Turkey with her family. She had begun to work for Ford at first, later she had been transferred to Renault in 2013. She also had worked in Korea for a long period. She took part in the design teams of many models from Fluence to Laguna, and from Megane to Clio.