Cape of Good Hope that is located at Cape Town stands out of the places to see in South Africa. You will be very impressed to see the sight that Cape of Good Hope facing with gigantic waves where Africa meets both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Cape of Good Hope offers spectacular ocean scenery and draws attention geologically. This is why it is among the places that must be seen in Cape Town. When you visit the region, it is very likely to see ostriches, antelopes, and baboons while traveling across the lands under natural protection. Be careful about the baboons! They might come close and can be dangerous if you have food in your hand.

Don’t miss the Castle of Good Hope while you are there!

The first location to discover in Cape Town is the historical city center; your first stop in here should be the Castle of Good Hope. Where the castle is, there used to be another castle built by Jan van Riebeeck.

This castle was not strong enough to withstand the skirmishes between Holland and England, thus it was decided to build a castle more adequate due to the threats caused by the battles. The construction of the Castle of Good Hope began in 1652 and completed in 30 years using the stones, which were brought from Holland. The castle can be reached by cable cars or by walking. It is the oldest castle that bears traces of the European style in South Africa. The castle was built as a pentagon to achieve a stronger defense. The goal was of course to protect the region against the enemy’s attacks.

Hourly guided tours are organized at the castle where individual sightseeing is prohibited. By joining one of those tours, you can discover the interesting architecture and history of the castle.