A long summer awaits us. It would be helpful to maintain your car and care for the equipment that would be in use often, if you would like to travel trouble free during the long summer months in your car. It is very important to check the air conditioning system, pollen filter, tires, battery, and windshield wipers and fix the problems if there is any.

Here are some car maintenance and control tips for summer:

Check the air conditioning and the pollen filter
Air conditioning system that is almost never used in many cars during winter becomes the most used equipment in summer. The most important thing in summer is to make sure that you have a well working one. It is important to check if the vents work properly. They should be free of foreign materials. If the system doesn’t work properly, ducts might be blocked, there might be a gas leakage, or pollen filter might need a replacement. It is important to make sure that these are checked in the aspects of fuel economy and comfort.

Battery needs care in summer, too
It would be very useful to check the battery before going on a long summer trip. Most of the cars have the start/stop feature today. Therefore, it is important for the batteries to work with high performance at all times. Make sure the battery has no problems; clean the ports especially.

Check the windshield wiper blades
Dusty and hot air of summer can be hard on the windshield wipers. Worn wipers could cause damage on your windshield as well as not functioning properly under the changing weather conditions. You should check the wipers before summer and change their blades if necessary. Make sure there is enough windshield washer fluid and it works well.

Windshield glass should be clean
You have to clean the windshield glass and other windows more often in summer. It would be useful to be prepared for dust. Keeping extra windshield washer fluid and motor oil in the trunk would run to your rescue in times of need.

Tires are essential
Using winter tires during summer increases braking distance and decreases road handling, putting safety in danger. It also impairs tire structure. You must remove the winter tires and replace them with suitable ones for summer. If the tires were stored away, check them for any damages before use.

Engine needs care each season
Engine filters and air conditioning system are the hardest working parts in summer. They should be checked in detail. If filter-changing time is near, you might want to do that before summer. Don’t forget to have the cooling system to be checked periodically. You might be able to catch possible leaks with a simple check. In addition, it would be beneficial to keep an eye on the heat panel. Lack of coolant and having unhealthy ignition plugs mean high fuel consumption for an engine.

Oil control
If the time for an oil change is close, doing so before entering summer would take away one of your worries. If your car tows a trailer or carry heavy cargo, you should bring the oil change date forward.