Making you realize once again that you are in the world’s most romantic city when you see the hearts placed on some regions on the map, Bruges has a unique beauty that makes it harder to decide whether its nights or days are prettier.

A glittering city welcomes you just like the ones in the New Year cards decorated with shining glitters, which remains as the symbol of our childhood days, during the first days of December due to the New Year’s approach. The soft feeling that radiates through the fireplaces at the restaurants and beautiful places makes you forget about the cold.

It is not easy to choose a restaurant to dine in Bruges, which is dominated by the Flemish Cuisine. Your mind is always on the other one among the charming restaurants that are each more inviting than the other. Finally, you end up eating a pot of mussels that is known as a typical dish of Bruges, which is cooked with celery stalks and onions, at Gran Kaffee de Passage.

The next morning begins with the fantastic view of smoke that rises out of the chimneys of the houses mixing with the winter morning. To experience the peace of the sunrise hours and the calmness of winter mornings, a walk to Sint-Janshuis Mills through the parks that are wet from the morning dewdrops is a cold but good start. While the city waits for a discovery with its charming streets, museums, and great chocolate shops, our first stop is a cozy Tea-Room that sucks us in with its delicious smell. The Belgium bakeries, which are as assertive as French bakeries are in this business, are among the stops that add joy to this city.

If your stay coincides with a Wednesday or a Friday, then the farmer’s market, which is set at the Markt square, would be satisfying for the ones who would like to enrich their visit with the addition of good flavors.

You can discover it on foot
Bruges is among the cities that can be discovered on foot. The cute hearts on the map are the sweetest trumps of the city. It is possible to think that the time is frozen when walking around the buildings, and bridges which are dating from the 15th century. Taking a tour around the city on a horse-drawn carriage is a nice alternative to experience the medieval atmosphere of Bruges. If the weather conditions are favorable, taking a boat trip that goes under the bridges through the channels is a fantastic experience, which enables to see the city from different angles. Although, Bruges is called “Venice of the North” because of being a city that is connected through channels, the people of Bruges use a different alternative of the same description for Venice by calling it “Bruges in the South.”

Potato Museum and Chocolate Museum
The city is formed of at least 400-500 year-old buildings, which you see wherever you look. Each has a story to tell. The museums that satisfy the art enthusiasts and the statue of Virgin Mary and Jesus, which is among the numbered works of Michelangelo located outside of Italy, are the prides of Bruges. Make notes of the Chocolate Museum that might draw everyone’s attention, the Potato Museum that is a fun place where you can find everything that one might wonder about potatoes. Hospitaalmuseum that was turned into a museum from an 800 year-old hospital exhibits medieval medical supplies and archives. Those are the alternatives to the classic museums such as the Museum of History or the Museum of Archeology, which are located in the city.

The 17th century houses are good accommodation alternatives
Making a hotel reservation is of course the first thing that comes to one’s mind; however, if you would like to feel the spirit of the city in the best way, stay at a house dating from the 17th century. Managed by Mickey and Jean, Charm’n Bruges is a great accommodation choice that offers two rooms facing the garden. The owners live in one section of the house and the stylish house is very comfortable. The smell of the coffee that Mickey makes, the apple juice that Jean prepares from freshly picked apples from the garden are among the small touches that make your stay pleasant.

The landscape that awaits you at the top end of 366 steps of the Belfry Tower is magnificent.

Get lost in the beautiful city when riding your rental bicycle.

Look up often to see the house roofs and chimneys, which are very different from each other.

Purchase a super size French fries from the city’s most famous French fries maker that is located in front of the Belfry Tower and eat up while you are sitting on a bench right there.

Take a coffee break at the oldest café of the city, Café Vlissinghe, dating from 1515.

For elegant desserts, check out the Tom Van Loock’s inviting shop window then breeze into the shop.