Cinema/Jun 2019

Cinema/Jun 2019


OPENING DATE: June 7, 2019

DIRECTOR: Simon Kinberg

CAST: Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Action

SYNOPSIS: X-Men Family is looking for ways to save the world without losing Jean, who had begun to discover her powers as a telepath when she was a teenager and who is was able to control the minds of others and undertook psychic attacks by domineering large-sized objects. The movie tells the story of how these extraordinary powers turned Jean Grey into Dark Phoenix.


OPENING DATE: June 21, 2019

DIRECTOR: Mehmet Gün

CAST: Emirhan Can Ala, İbrahim Kalkan, Nail Demir

GENRE: Drama

SYNOPSIS: Directed by Mehmet Gün, Güller tells the story of how the February 28 period was experienced in a village through the eyes of 12-year-old Ali Osman. Ali Osman, on the way to his village, learns that his father who is a teacher at the primary school of his platonic love Güller’s village, was indicted. So his family decides to move out of the village. Ali Osman cannot settle post-modern coup, arrests, and pressures in his child mind.

Bağcık / Drama /07

The Men in Black: International/ Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action /14

Utoya / Thriller, Drama/14

Toy Story 4 / Animation, 3D, IMAX /21

Annabelle Comes Home / Horror /28