We seriously have transformed the transportation map of Turkey; we have made it colorful.

Divided roads are among those colors…

Spreading the air transportation that was stuck within the Ankara-İstanbul-İzmir triangle nationwide and building new airports are among those colors…

New ports, new port connections are among those colors…

Moreover, there is Marmaray.

There is Eurasia Tunnel.

There is the third bridge.

There is the gulf crossing; there is the İstanbul-İzmir highway.

There is the third airport.

When all the ongoing projects are complete, the color of our transportation map becomes warmer; our options become diversified; the number of colors increases.

Turkey wins.

The most important and the most dominant color of them all is high-speed trains and high-speed train projects without a doubt.

What this color reminds us or one meaning of this color is the self-confidence of our people.

We keep working for our railways, too…

Have a nice travel.