Could Your Hobby Become Your Second Profession?

Could Your Hobby Become Your Second Profession?

Picking up a hobby is one of the most effective ways of creating a balance between our work and private lives…

People who would like to get rid of the business life’s stress and store energy aim towards many hobbies from tennis to golf and from ceramics to photography. Some focus on hobbies that develop their handicraft skills and some focus on sports. The number of people who invest in their hobbies and end up with a second career by means of their hobbies is large enough not to underestimate.
From this point forward, we have searched for the names that have drawn new career paths thanks to their hobbies at various regions of Turkey.

Treehouse grabs the attention of the world

Osman Kaba who lives in the Village of Kemerköprü of Artvin’s Arhavi district has opened the treehouse for visitors, which he made 3 years ago making his childhood dream come true, after receiving tremendous attention from the public. Kaba, who had worked as a civil engineer in his own company located in İzmir for 30 years, returned to his village with his wife 4 years ago after leaving his children in charge of the company, built the treehouse of his childhood dreams on the trunk of a pine tree in the garden of his house. Kaba, who restored his village house inherited from his grandfather in accordance with the regional architecture, built it on the 15-meter tree trunk and it grabs great interest both in social media and in the region. Kaba had received the necessary certification in order to turn the house into a family business upon this high interest.
The treehouse, which is built 8-meter high from the ground on a 15-meter tall tree trunk, has a toilet, bathroom, and offers hot water and accommodates 7 guests. It is adorable with its 8 corners, colorful roof, and beautiful scenery. Those who would like to experience this interesting stay can spend a night there for 300TL. The tree house gains interest also from Europe and the Far East besides Turkey.

Scented stone powder

The former CPA Yaşar Topuz, who began the production of scented stone powder 10 years ago in Kahramanmaraş and received the patent for it, has been exporting his products to all corners of the world. Working on his hobby from home between the years of 2008 and 2012, Topuz turned his hobby into a business after starting to take so many orders. Highlighting that it is the first company that started teaching how to use the scented stone powder in wedding candy to the companies that produce wedding reception treats, Topuz said that many companies that sell wedding and baby shower treats and henna night supplies aim towards this field and his company is the only one that performs this business with a license and a patent.

Designs wooden toys

A 65-year-old retired teacher of Kahramanmaraş Kurtuluş Kesim is also among those who follow the same path. Kesim has developed the wooden toy business that he began as a hobby during the years of his career as a teacher and opened his own workshop. Kesim reanimates the wooden toys of the past just to spite today’s modern plastic toys. Making various wooden designs from souvenirs to decorative items and from toys to bird cages, Kesim tries to remain the interest of the new generation in wooden toys.

Paints pebbles

Melike Kiriş, who works as a teacher for the mentally disabled children in Balıkesir, began receiving orders from around the world after sharing in her social media account her pebble painting designs, which started as a hobby. Turning a section of her house into a workshop, she transformed her hobby into income. Starting her hobby by painting pebbles that she collected at a vacation destination she visited in 2017, she began with painting small ones at first. Making also custom designs, Kiriş also designs various items such as desk lamps, wall arts, and other decorative items.

A different style to gourd art

Another name that turned his hobby into a business is the retired public servant of Gaziantep İmam Uzun. Uzun sells the gourd art he creates using and processing the gourds he grows. He turns them into accessories such as night lamps. Uzun, who sells his gourd art for about 50 to 300TL, has been in this business for 10 years. He has made so many various items out of gourds such as night lamps, chandeliers. Uzun processes the gourds raw. After drawing the design on the gourd, he processes it by using a drill. Later, he installs the other objects on it using a hammer and then paints.