Kitchens, where women spend the most of their time at home, are places where many of us come together as a family, eat dinner or drink tea or coffee and chat. The quality of the time that will be spent in this space can be increased with the use of stylish and comfortable tables. Your kitchen can be large or small. What is important here is good planning to make your kitchen a pleasant and convenient place… The first step in decorating your kitchen is to determine how to use the layout of your kitchen. You can set your kitchen layout in several ways.

If you have a long and narrow kitchen, this type of layout would be an appropriate choice for you. It would be useful to have a space, which is at least 150 to 160 cm in length. When we take 60 cm depth outside the cupboard door and drawer opening into account, we need 150-160 cm space in width.

We need at least 30-40 cm of bench space between the sink and stove, if you place them side by side. In such settlement, you should place the refrigerator close to the door-side instead of the window.

If you have sufficient width, you can place cabinets to the two opposite walls. In such an arrangement, working space should be at one side and the storage compartments should be at the opposite side.

Eat your meals in the kitchen by placing your table to an appropriate section, where you can create a more warm and pleasant atmosphere. 

To create a kitchen island type, you need to have a kitchen that is fairly large and square or rectangular. You can use the island unit that you will have in your kitchen as a storage area, worktable, and cooking space.

If you are considering the island as a storage or food preparation area, you should create a unit, which is at least 120 cm × 60 cm. If you are going to use the unit also as a dining area, you should prefer a unit, which is at least 60-100 cm in depth.

You can also create a dining area by adding a 30-40 cm bench or table to your island unit.  You can also gain extra space for your staff by choosing drawers or shelves in the side section. If there will be cooking area in the island unit, an area of 180 cm (60 cm stove + 60 cm counter) will suffice. You can place the cooking and washing sections across from each other, if you’d like to have an island shaped as a square.

You can choose the “L” type layout, if your kitchen has a corner area. However, you should pay attention to correctly assessing the corner angles in this plan. You can have the sink or stove in the corner. Corner sink or corner hood models will facilitate your work in this type of kitchen. If you prefer the oven also in the corner, your unit needs to be deeper than the standards and has a 45-degree angle.

You can use a lower height cupboard or pantry cabinet in the corner. You are able to transform these models into a more practical area of use with special rotary baskets and shelving systems.

You can position the washing and cooking units on the same wall. However, if you are going to place them on two different walls, place them close to each other. Therefore, you will not have difficulty carrying pots and plates.