Denims Fall/Winter

Denims Fall/Winter

Since denims are indispensable for every season, every environment, age, and gender, sentences such as they are very fashionable this season are never formed for denims.

Whether their suitability for every occasion or designers’ none stop work on creating new models is the reason for their popularity, which is unknown, we have compiled tips for you on how to use the timeless denims in the fall and winter season of 2019.


The new jean collections still smell of nostalgia because the models created for both men and women are blended with the 80s and 90s. So if they are not worn out yet, you don’t have to buy a new pair of jeans, though being worn out is never the criterion to trash the old jeans. Mom/boyfriend/girlfriend/high waist/ripped jeans you’ve been using for the last few seasons can easily get you through this season.


If you don’t miss out on new models every season and you’re closely window shopping for famous brands, you can see metal embroidery, tassels, vintage, floral and graphic designs for women this season. We can mention that the designers of famous brands were inspired by street fashion, western, vintage, and rodeo this season.


Just as women haven’t taken off mom jean models for several seasons, designers aim to create a ‘dad’ theme for men. As comfortable fits and 90s touch are preferred in men’s models, classic style followers will also be able to find what they’re looking for.


The most up-to-date topic of fashion critics is tapered and short-legged jeans. Which style suits which body type is among the most leading issues. But if you think a pair of tapered jeans will look good on you then keep in mind that tapered jean is the new normal for men. In this style, which rapidly breaks men’s unchanging habits and spreads quickly, special materials are used to maximize comfort this season. Those tapered jeans, in which you could barely move, are left behind…


High-waist has been the trend in jeans for the last few seasons, whether casual or slim models… Fortunately, women have been able to breathe more comfortably since designers brought them out of the closet. Mothers will not worry about their daughters to get cold and daughters will not be afraid of the appearance of their hip lines that were not suited by low-waist jeans.