Digital Platforms Challenge Tv

Digital Platforms Challenge Tv

The power of the digital is challenging everything traditional. Private TV channels, the number of which began to increase in the 1990s in our country, have breathed new life into broadcasting, while the digital television platforms are about to supersede televisions.  

Now, many alternatives are available for those who want to watch programs depending on their personal interests, whenever and wherever they want to, without having to go through the long commercial breaks. We have been hearing often Netflix, puhutv, BluTV, and Turkcell TV+ among these alternatives lately.

We have compiled the platforms that stand out in this area where the competition is escalating:


Netflix is a media service that lets you watch TV series, movies, documentaries on any device connected to the Internet. Founded in 1997 with the collaboration of Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix today has more than 140 million users, with a market value of over $150 billion.

The company decided to open up to the world in 2016 and Turkey was among the countries which the company has started serving. Supporting 23 different languages, Netflix original content has been nominated for more than 430 awards and received 72 awards as of 2018. Netflix’s most popular content, House of Cards, holds 29 of these awards.

The number of Turkish productions in Netflix’s archive is over 100 and new series and movies continue to be added. The series titled “Hakan: Muhafız”  was watched by 10 million people worldwide in its first month on Netflix.


There is no membership requirement in order to be able to watch puhutv, which is one of the new-generation digital channels operating within Doğuş Holding. If you wish, you can visit and watch puhu TV by downloading puhu TV application from Android and iOS application markets.

Following the free subscription process, puhutv starts monitoring your watching habits and presents you the appropriate content. It allows you to resume the content from where you’ve left off on the device you want to watch it. Puhu TV, which has made a name for itself with the Fi series, has achieved great success with the series. Episodes of the series had broken rating records. Again only on puhu TV, directed by Onur Saylak, produced by Ay Yapım and starring Haluk Bilginer and Cansu Dere, the series titled “Şahsiyet” also scored 8.8 out of 10 on IMDB and entered among the 40 best series of the world.


BluTV is a digital television established by Doğan Holding, allowing you to watch different series, movies and live broadcasts from anywhere, anytime without commercials.

Through an Internet connection, you can easily access domestic/foreign movies and TV series, live TV broadcasts, sports content and most importantly, exclusive local productions for BluTV members, which you can only find on BluTV, updated every month via computers, tablets, mobile devices or smart televisions.

Over 70 domestic and foreign series and films are added every month to feature on BluTV. Anyone who has an internet connection can benefit from BluTV membership which can be easily canceled and does not require installation and commitment. As well as many other contents on BluTV, there are also popular productions such as Masum, Bozkır and Sıfır Bir-Bir Zamanlar Adana.


It is a mobile application and web platform where you can watch more than 110 domestic and foreign channels, favorite movies and TV series via your mobile phone, tablet or computer by visiting by using Turkcell TV+ application. You can also rent the most popular and up to date movies starting from 2TL.

TV+ subscribers are able to access the English Premier League games live on their mobile phones, computers, TVs or tablets.

TV+ offers you a unique TV experience with recording, rewinding, and advanced personalization. TV+ can now be used by subscribers of other operators other than Turkcell.