The term “fashion” is comprehended by many as shifting clothing style from day to day. This is partly true but still not the exact meaning of the term. What is fashion, really? Is it wearing what suits us or away to express ourselves?

Fashion is a field fed by different sources like art, architecture, music, literature and it doesn’t even stop there, it transforms its inspiration into something new, while at the same time being influenced by global balance and movements. While some says, “Fashion should not be taken seriously.” A fashion icon, Coco Chanel does not agree with it. Chanel quotes, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Winter creations of designers in the vanguard of fashion have been presented to the public in Milan, London, New York and Paris Fashion weeks. According to this, many new stories are awaiting us in the new season. A new trend involving the crazy “punk” standing, a return to the 40s, large jackets displaying a masculine appearance, the defeat of black at the hands of dark blue, designs from the 70s, prominence of striking colors such as red and saxe, “grunge” style  conquering everywhere, clear cut designs of the 90s and even dresses and skirts worn over trousers. Here are widely different styles created by fashion brands for the winter season …

Emporio Armani
The brand has formed its creation by making use of the “softness” of purple, pistachio seed green, grey and light pink. Hats carrying the atmosphere of the 1920s create a retro impression. Clear cut lines and soft shades dominate the whole collection. Tunics over trousers, long coats, embroidered and striped dresses, clothes carrying retro effect prevail throughout the collection.

You feel like you are in ancient times with such a sumptuous and rich collection. Examples of simple elegance are displayed with suits consisting of skirts and jackets, and skirts in A-form. This creation, which includes red and black laces and embroideries, stands out with shining gold clothes carrying ancient patterns.

Giorgio Armani
The brand introduced an avant-garde collection bearing masculine overtones with corduroy trousers, hats and tight-fitting jackets. Curves, undulations and frills add movement to silhouettes. The colors black, grey, cobalt blue, lavender and white dominate the overall collection, which has quite extensive monochromatic effects …

Emilio Pucci
The collection takes us on a journey to the late 60s and early 70s with its retro and rigid atmosphere. Miniskirts, leopard belts and sequin tops constitute a large part of the collection and are complemented by tasseled jackets, spangled tops, cloaks and large pile-fabric coats.

Tom Ford
Defined by designers as intercultural, multiple and ethnic, this collection feature American influence, Mexican embroideries and details from other cultures.

As in several other collections, the influence of the 90s is felt in Topshop Unique. Shiny leather skirts, oversized jackets and coats, disheveled hair, furs… … The collection also contain fine pieces embroidered with sequins. Especially, the sequined coveralls, which can be preferred for night outings, are plain but eye-catching.

Bringing back the 90s, the brand’s collection this season highlight skater skirts and leather wear. Long tunics and skirts complement trousers. Leather gloves and furs are accompanied by tweed coats.

Matheww Williamson
If we are to mention someone who brings a feel of summer into winter, this should be Matthew Williamson. In this collection, light and energy meet grey-black monochromatic patterns. An attempt is made to keep the warmth of summer going in winter by the help of sequins, furs, wool and tassels. In general, the collection is dominated by hologram sequins, tunics over trousers, floral patterns, furs, embroideries and pleated skirts …

Elie Saab
In addition to dark colors, yellow and white reflecting spring dominate the winter collection of this brand. Featuring corduroy, lace, satin works and embroideries, the collection looks really attractive.

Valentino’s winter collection reminds one of the chic and sweet girls of the 80s. While leather details are used in dresses, skirts are so designed as to appeal to all. Lace details used in leather clothes lend a different and pleasant look to leather clothes.

Zuhair Murad
Predominantly black, this collection stands out with its feminine touches. Opting for satin fabric for evening dresses, the designer is also appreciated for leather and lace details.

Little black dress is accepted as a historical revolution of fashion. It seems that little black dress is indispensible for women no matter which period’s trend it is. Of course, there are two reasons for this situation. The first one is that it is an exact solution for the problem of “What should I wear today?”; the other one is that its posture which is smart and elegance, and can be worn everywhere and every time. Coco Channel and Jean Patou were the creators of little black dress which they designed for women of every class in 1926… The primary aims of these two fashion giants were being comfortable and stylish         . When Coco Channel published the first picture of little black dress in 1926, Vogue introduced this model as Ford’s Model T which was a legend car of those years. Vogue was right because little black dress would be the uniform of  women from every social class and never be out of fashion. According to Channel, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” So, we still use this dress in the 21st century which was designed by two geniuses in the early 20th century. I don’t think we will quit using it for a long time…

In Brief… In Brief…

Teenies who are fashion icons
We used to use the term fashion icon for adults, but things have changed nowadays. The perceptions of pink-for-girls and blue-for-boys have already been replaced by teenies who are fashion icons. These little fashion icons are replicas of their parents with their raincoats, blazer jackets, glasses and accessories reflecting their styles …

Bvlgari’s new face: Carla Bruni!
Former First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy, wife of France’s ex-President Sarkozy, posed for the cameras to promote the Diva High Jewellery collection by the world-famous jewellery brand Bvlgari. The results were perfect; Terry Richardson’s photographs revealed the modern diva Carla Bruni Sarkozy in all her glory with dazzling jewellery glittering on her skin.  Looking her best in Bvlgari’s Diva luminescent jewellery, Carla, the supermodel of the 90s and award-winning singer, reflects Bvlgari’s modern style in all its aspects. The Diva collection gets its inspiration from the typical Italian glare and appeal as reflected by Carla, who is an ever-desired, romantic, humorous, clever and reachable fashion icon.

Unbounded Creativity from an architect to a musician!
The exhibition entitled Unbounded Creativity is rediscovering thirteen creative figures including architects, interior architects, musicians, fashion and industrial designers. Armaggan Art & Design Gallery, founded to support young artists and desires, is hosting the exhibition Unbounded Creativity. Having rediscovered designer  Derin Sarıyer in musical endeavors, fashion designer Özlem Süer in installation work, and musician Mercan Dede in art, the exhibition Unbounded Creativity is building bridges between creative disciplines through 13 figures who have gained prominence thanks to their characteristic identities and accomplishments. The exhibition Unbounded Creativity can be seen at the Armaggan Art  & Design Gallery until 25th December 2013.

The latest craze in accessories: Letters!
This year, bracelets, rings and necklaces with letters on them are quite trendy. There you are: new year’s trend in the world of accessories, letters! Carrying the initials of the person you love or your own initials on your accessories has become a trend in recent years. Renowned fashion designers are designing lettered rings, necklaces and many other accessories.

A feminine touch on casual elegance in hair: Braid!
If you have long hair and if you use the right braiding model, you can get a hairstyle fitting for all occasions. Moreover, braid models do not require repeated care during the day like loose hair and maintains the shape you have given to it in the morning until the evening. We will frequently encounter rebellious braiding models during the 2013-2014 winter season. You can go for a bohemian style or a chignon. Braided hair can provide you with both a childish and a feminine appeal.