Sometimes, we might have such fears that we cannot live our lives. We lose many opportunities, because we have not faced our fear. We become slaves of our fears. Some people are afraid of height, some are afraid of being in closed spaces. Imagine people with arachnophobias or ophidiophobias. We might increase the number of the examples. What should we do to free ourselves from our fears? What type of strategy we should follow to live our lives as we wish? The first rule to get rid of our fears is to believe that we can win this fight. The advices of the founder of Life Design Center Ebru Demirhan are going to lead many people with fears through the right way.

The founder of Life Design Center Ebru Demirhan, who works with energy techniques, breathing therapies, family constellations, and NLP practices, gets support from thirty-eight different quantum sessions to clear the subconscious of her clients. Demirhan tries to clear her client’s subconscious from the fears that disrupts her client’s life. Demirhan explains how the fears are shaped, “A strong fear of a specific thing or a situation is described as a phobia. They might be developed in two ways. In the first situation, there is a real cause for the person to fear of some situation or a thing, but the person sees the danger bigger than it actually is. In the other situation, the fear is fictional and is developed for something that doesn’t create a danger in reality. People with phobias usually feel nervous, restless, and desperate because of the object of their fear. They come to a point that they do not know what to do next.”

Focus on defeating your fear
Demirhan expresses that the phobias might be prevented as in life everything has a solution and comments, “You might have a phobia, but this is not a situation with a dead end. Let’s imagine that you have arachnophobia. Individuals must remind themselves this truth; your fear of spiders actually is the reflection of the meaning that you assign to spiders. In fact, spiders are not a threat for you. At this point, experiences come to the forefront. I can summarize the phobias that I frequently encounter among my clients as fear of riding on elevators, being stocked in an elevator, fear of height, and various animal phobias. You should go back to past, to the moment that your fear was created. When you discover the actual event that triggered your fear, you defeat it. When you face that detail, your fear disappears. There is a significant group of people, who feed themselves on having fears and on the feeling of living on the edge. It is just as smoking and not knowing how to replace it when you quit. In this respect, individuals with phobias should keep themselves calm and focus on how to defeat their fears. They should stop feeding themselves on pain and sorrow.”

Sometimes one, sometimes thirteen sessions are enough   
Emphasizing that there are thirty-eight different sessions in quantum therapy, Ebru Demirhan selects the most suitable one for her client, and begins her work. Therapies, such as breathing therapy, come to the forefront as supporting works. Demirhan gives information about how to defeat claustrophobia, which is the most encountered phobia among her clients: “We start to work with reflection therapy to determine the starting point of the phobia. The duration of this therapy is anywhere from forty-five minutes to four hours. Some individuals are free of their fears in only one session, and sometimes in twelve or thirteen sessions. The therapy does not work if we start to work on claustrophobia at the first session, because the individual becomes nervous. We move forward with small but steady steps in order to gain the trust of our clients. First of all, we start with right-left brain work. During the family constellation, one person plays the role of the right brain, as the other plays the role of the left brain. One more person plays the role of the connection between them. Phobias are locked in a closed room at some corner of the brain. We create an information exchange between the right and the left sides; therefore, when we help to make the semantic and operational connection between them the door to that room begins to open. This therapy starts to work in one week. Then, we assign small and fun missions to the individual such as drawing or writing with the hand that the individual doesn’t use. In what they call as five steps of quantum technique, we face our client with the person, situation, or object that represents her trouble. We learn how the individual feels about the trouble. The deep therapy starts after two-three sessions.”

Ebru Demirhan tells us how a client of hers with a fear of riding on elevators defeated her phobia: “Hülya, who is an executive in textile industry, used to be unable to participate in many meetings that took place in tall buildings because of her fear of riding on elevators. One morning she didn’t have any other choice but to ride on the elevator after running into her executive at the entrance of their office building and she fainted. We met following this event, and started to work. At first, we went back to the moment that she was stocked on an elevator with her mother when she was five. She remembered her mother squeezing her hand very hard and crying for five minutes while crying, ‘we are going to die in here.’ She started crying. We erased the event from her subconscious. She forgave everything and everyone involved in the event. She defeated the fear, by which she was enslaved, in approximately two weeks.”

Ebru Demirhan tells the story of a client with claustrophobia: “Ebru works at a firm which offers various training programs to companies. Her claustraphobia starts to interfere with her job. She becomes restless neither at her company, or another. She loses her ability to communicate comfortably and then there comes the complaints. I was recommended to her by a friend of hers. I worked with her regarding her fictional scenarios, her point of view for places, her fictionalizing natural disasters, and her fears. We erased the records from her subconscious, changed the events using NLP and saved as differently. Our work took some time but at the end she was in peace with all places.”