After a long, exhausting and busy work-school tempo, we are finally ready to make our summer vacation and travel plans. In addition to the open buffets in the hotels, there are also famous local foods, sweets, drinks, fast food products that we can find at the streets of the cities that are being visited… However, along with the increase of the heat, not paying enough attention to what we consume also increases the risk of getting a disease. Especially, the difficulty in providing food hygiene due to the hot weather, the risks brought by the travels, diseases caused by microorganisms which may be caught from the pools make taking measures necessary. Experts say that personal hygiene and food hygiene become very important at this point.

Drink plenty of water; spend a relaxed summer
The risk of illness increases with the summer heat. Dr. Aylin İzat Liceoglu from the Bayındır Health Group, who highlights the increased risk of infectious diarrhea due to the lack of attention to hygiene and changes in the air temperature, has the following suggestions: “The scary part of diarrhea and vomiting is dehydration and loss of minerals. Dehydration caused by diarrhea can be dangerous, especially for children under the age of 5, elderly people, and people with chronic diseases. It is advised to consult a doctor, if there is a lot of fluid loss accompanied by fever. The priority in protection should be given to personal hygiene and food hygiene.”

– Choose fully cooked and hot served dishes.
– Wash your hands whenever you have the opportunity.
– If it is advised by your physician, use a prophylactic medication.
– Avoid raw vegetables and salads.
– Do not consume soft cheeses. Drink pasteurized milk.
– Avoid salads with dressings that contain mayonnaise and cream.
– Do not consume seafood that is lightly cooked or caught in polluted areas.

Protect your weight and health at vacation
Most of us fill our plates with variety of desserts, bakery products, fatty foods, and high calorie drinks at open buffets without even noticing how much or what we ate during our vacations.

Dietitian Işınsu Köksal from the Bayındır Health Group Nutrition and Dietetic Department gives tips regarding how to protect both our weight and health: “Participate in activities with your family and friends as much as possible (sunset walk, city walk, swimming, forest sightseeing, beach volleyball, etc.). These types of activities increase the metabolic rate and help weight control. Drink plenty of water, yoghurt drink or kefir, mineral water (with a slice of lemon) instead of sugary drinks and sodas.”

What should you pick from an open buffet?
“Try to eat from small plates instead of large ones. This will help you eat less and satisfy your eyes. Starters at an open buffet that will help you protect your weight: green salads, cold dishes made with olive oil, hummus, and dishes made with yoghurt. As a main dish you can have one portion of grilled or steamed beef, chicken or fish and soup or 1 portion of fruit to meet your daily need of calories and energy. Foods to avoid at an open buffet: bakery products, deep fried foods, processed fruit juices, desserts with syrup.”

Let your children enjoy a healthy vacation
Children sweat more due to the effects of the hot air temperatures and become dehydrated.
Bayındır Health Group Pediatrics Specialist Dr. Özlem Türkoğlu, who highlights the positive effects of having a vacation where children can read books and play on their physical and mental development, makes the following suggestions:

Drink plenty of yoghurt drink
“Children sweat more due to the effects of the hot air temperatures and become dehydrated. This is why you should have your children drink more water in summer. You need to provide them with healthy and natural fluids such as water and yoghurt drink, instead of tea, coke, and other processed drinks. Children who usually don’t want to take a break from playing in water or outside forget eating. Parents should make sure that they eat a healthy breakfast to start the day and feed them with healthy dishes rest of the day.”

Sea instead of pool
“Sunburn is the other danger that children might face in summer, although they use sunscreen. Sunscreen must be used especially between 10am and 4pm, even in shade. This should be done periodically. Urinary tract infection, eye and ear infections are seen more often in children who swim in pools. If it is possible, let them swim in the sea instead of a pool. Against the insects, do not use chemical repellents that are applied onto skin.”