Magic Mouse changes its form depending on temperature
The design of Wang Hui, “New Magic Mouse” is a very innovative and functional product. Your dominance on the mouse is much more active than on any other model. While working with this 4.3mm thickness mouse, you don’t feel like as touching on a different thing but your palm. Since it has elegant and slim design, it doesn’t take up much space. That “New Magic Mouse” which you can use almost everywhere changes its form depending on your palm temperature provides a quite comfortable use.

Both a tablet pen and a mouse
“Folding Pen Mouse”, providing a significant and a great help to people especially working in design, architecture, advertisement and art sectors, has two different usages. Bearing Yoon Son’s signature, the product can be used as a tablet pen and a mouse. While designing the product, Son, followed a strategy to make mouse foldable. When you want to use the mouse as a pen, two metal strips in the center of the mouse are twisted and the mouse transforms into a functional table pen.

What about a mouse in the form of a clip?
All kinds of known-mouse models are designed to be able to move forward and backward. However, “Clip Mouse” designed by Frank Guo, has a different dynamics that allows you to attach your mouse to any point where you would like to use it. While designing the mouse, by adding a clip into the mouse, Guo seals an extraordinary design to use the mouse without changing its place. When you attend a meeting out of your office, all you need is to make the mouse grip your laptop like an attachment.

CD transforms into a mouse
Designers form their product concepts according to functional details. “Disk Mouse” of Seung Han Jung is one of the most innovative examples of this respect. In order to have a product that eliminates carrying a mouse, Jung created CD-looking mouse. Thanks to folding ability of two triangular parts on its surface, it automatically transforms into a mouse and does not take up any room.

It can operate without batteries
There are designers in mouse designs bearing environmentally friendly products. The mouse called “Kinetic Leaf” designed by Lu Hairong and Zhang Xuehui requires no batteries. With its prominent wireless feature, Kinetic Leaf stops using batteries. It turns mechanical energy into electric power. As it has a design that requires no batteries, it is also promising in terms of environment and resource depletion.

As fast and serial as a shark
“Shark Mouse” designed by Alireza Haji and Mahbod Ashraf inspired by sharks, is fairly environmentally friendly and recyclable because it is made from thermoplastic. As surface contact of the mouse is so low, it provides better mobility due to this low level of surface contact. We suppose that fans of “Shark Mouse” will also increase thanks to its smart appearance.

Let your mouse fly
The most interesting feature of the “Levitating Mouse” coming up as a different concept of Kibardinde Sign Studio is the design that makes it look like it suspends in the air. This wireless mouse has a specific mouse pad as well. The mouse can suspend in the air thanks to the magnetic interaction between the pad and the mouse. Making such an assertive design, Kibardinde Sign Studio offers a unique design to business life.