Do Not Underestimate The Power of Toast

Do Not Underestimate The Power of Toast

Tost Akademi (toasted sandwich academy), which has been serving in Kadıköy for 3 months, was founded in partnership with Barış Akağaç, Onur Çaytaş, and Savaş Kale.

Approaching toasted sandwich culture with a different perspective, the trio brings together 35 different types of toasted sandwiches with their special selection of breads and meticulously selected ingredients. Savaş Kale, one of the founding partners of Tost Akademi, is a very experienced name in business management. Kale, who previously owned a pizza restaurant, emphasizes that they have transformed a mobile phone store on Serasker Street to Tost Akademi and entered the radar of flavor enthusiasts by means of their different concepts.

35 kinds of toasted sandwiches

Originally an electronic engineer, Savaş Kale is very ambitious in the food industry, as well as in his tech company operating in the field of sound-light-image systems. Kale, who has managed the time well and brought both structures to the desired level, said, “I am very happy to do the things I enjoy. When you look at your business as a hobby, success comes automatically.” Although there are currently 35 kinds of toasted sandwich alternatives at the Tost Akademi, the team continues to test different tastes. Different sauces and combinations are being studied and those that pass our tests are added to the menu over time. The most popular specialties of the place are rich smoked, fire roasted meat, 5 cheese, and academic smoked. Onur Çaytaş, one of the founding partners, bakes special loaves of breads for the Tost Akademi at Yeşilçay bakery in Koşuyolu.Toast lovers have the opportunity to have their toasted sandwiches prepared by choosing one of the different bread types such as emmer, Ottoman, wheat germ, chia seed, whole wheat, German rye, and Ayvalık slice. Bread slices are a bit larger than Ayvalık toast bread size. 1.5-kg loaves of bread are sliced, yielding for an average of 9 toasted sandwiches. Underlining the importance they attach to quality, hygiene and halal meat use in deli products, Kale says, “The secret to being sustainable and successful in this business is to use first quality ingredients. Customers are extremely conscious about it. They can instantly recognize good and bad products.”

A special that can be selected for every meal

Stating that they appeal to an audience aged 14 and over, Savaş Kale says that they have increased their brand awareness rapidly with their “Toasted sandwich maker that makes its own bread” slogan. One of the most important details that enrich the taste of the variety of toasted sandwiches is the different sauce alternatives such as tomato, basil, avocado, honey-mustard, tahini, pesto, and thyme. Kale said that they plan to open 5 branches by the end of 2019: “There are those who want to buy franchising from us. But we’re not leaning towards the idea right now. We are waiting for the system to settle a little more. We welcome 300 customers on weekdays and 400 on weekends on average. At Tost Akademi, we offer substantial meals to our target audience. For this reason, our prices are quite reasonable compared to the flavor and size we offer. To accompany our toasted sandwiches, we have 4 kinds of sides including hot pickled peppers, hot sauce, tomatoes, and olives. Our target audience is able to choose two of these 4 alternatives free of charge. As a frequent traveler, Kale says that restaurants that focus on a single type of gastronomy have come to the forefront in the gastronomic world: “We have invested in this perspective and included nothing except toasted sandwiches in our menu. Our goal is to be the first brand that comes to mind when the subject is toasted sandwiches. A toasted sandwich is something that can be consumed in every meal. Therefore, it is actually an extremely advantageous product. We have designed flavor combinations to be consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only competitor of a toasted sandwich in this aspect is soup.”

Special selections for vegans

Tost Akademi is open 7 days a week until 3 am and has an experienced team of 8. Lemonade and yogurt drink are prepared every day. Another feature that makes Tost Akademi different is that they offer different brands of sodas for sale from all over Turkey. Currently, 35 kinds of soda meet their target audience. Kale says that their next goal is to establish a production facility and start to manufacture their own products, and to establish an academy to provide training on toasted sandwich culture and production. Although they have more than 50 types of toasts, they prefer to progress by adding new varieties to the menu every month. The goal after opening a toasted sandwich academy is to diversify the sauces served in sandwiches. For this reason, there will be different sauce alternatives that customers can choose to go with their sandwich selections in a special corner of the place in the future. We still remember the delicious taste of the rich smoked toast, which we tried at Tost Akademi. There are also special toast options for Vegan customers. Toasted sandwiches made with vegan salami, sausage, and cheese varieties, offer different taste alternatives to vegans. Tost Akademi, which is also very ambitious about the toasted sandwich with fire-roasted meat, prepares delicious toasts with the best quality meats.


Ingredients: 50 gram smoked veal, 50 gram smoked turkey, 15 gram fire-roasted eggplant, 30 gram mushrooms, 2 slices of cheddar cheese, 1 dessert spoon pesto sauce, 30 gram kolot cheese, 15 gram butter.

Directions: Place the cheese on the desired slice of bread. Then add the deli ingredients. Add the fire-roasted eggplant and mushrooms to the top homogeneously. Spread the pesto sauce on the other slice. Spread butter on the sandwich and press it in the toaster. Enjoy your meal.

– Fire-roasted meat toast

– 5-chese toast

– Chocolate banana toast

– Academic smoked toast

– Rich smoked toast