The moment you enter Canan Kostüm Dünyası (Costume World) you feel like you are walking through a magical world. You find yourself surrounded by the costumes of the many of your childhood cartoon characters. You can become an Indian or a princess in here; you can turn into a witch or a Flintstone character. All you need to do is to imagine. Because every costume you dream in here becomes true.

From banking business to designing costumes
Following her retirement from banking business, Canan Özpınar picked up an interest in designing costumes. She opened Canan Kostüm Dünyası 18 years ago. Serving her clients for 10 years in Feneryolu, Özpınar has been designing different costumes in Kızıltoprak, İstanbul for the last 8 years. Eighty percent of the costumes at her shop had found life thanks to her designing skills. Özpınar creates her designs following a meeting with her client to learn what type of costume is to be designed. The costumes are prepared in four different tailoring workshops. Stating that they began to sell ballet costumes at first, Özpınar says, “I always had a great interest in ballet. My sister is a ballet instructor, my daughter is a ballerina. It was more satisfying to work in this area for me. Following our work with tutus, ballet suits, and ballet stockings in the aim of ballet schools, we began to design different costumes. You can rent a costume at our shop, as well as purchasing one. We shape every detail from color to fabric and from pattern to form together with our clients, making their dreams come true. What we do is actually concept counseling. We get busy mostly before Halloween, New Year, April 23, and in May when the school shows are organized often.”

Tailor-made service
Expressing the endless interest in costume, Canan Özpınar says, “We serve both children and adults with pleasure. We made many special designs for costume birthday parties, or wedding anniversaries. Spiderman, Superman, Elsa-Frozen, Winx, Cinderella, and Snow White are among the popular children’s costumes. Let’s not forget the witch costumes.”

Giving information on renting and purchasing processes, Özpınar says, “If you’d like a tailor-maid costume for yourself, we first take your body measures. Later, we design and sew. Costume prices range between 100 and 500 TL, depending on the fabric we use. We deliver tailor-made designs in one week, the latest. We sometimes come across clients who order concept designs such as Taxi, or the Statue of Liberty. Everyone who is one and older is among our targeted mass.” A deposit of 50 TL is required to rent an adult costume at Canan Kostüm Dünyası. Price of a two days costume rental is 75TL. Same deposit amount is valid for children’s costumes and two days children’s costume rental price is 50 TL.”

“Everyone wants to be beautiful and different.”
Emphasizing the demand being more to rent a costume than to purchase one, Canan Özpınar gives information on the trends: “Winx and dance costumes are coming again in 2016. Modern and Latin dance costumes are designed mostly for schools. We shape our designs together. Tutu, dance costumes, special costumes, and character costumes are prepared in different tailoring workshops. Their specialties are different from each other. The most important point considered for our clients who come to our shop is to be beautiful and different. Seeing our clients happy by designing the costume that they dream is the most pleasant part of our job. We usually advise our clients regarding the concepts. In 2015, the demand was more in the aim of the 70s and the 80s. In 2014, people usually ordered the Ottoman costumes, inspired by the TV series called ‘Muhteşem Yüzyıl.’ We expect an increase in the demand of the Ottoman costumes again this year because of Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem. The strongest determinant in the children’s costume is the popular cartoon and movie characters of the time. We are a team of three. We can make every kind of costume as long as the face shows. We do not make mascots. We target to grow by giving franchise opportunities in the medium term.”