“E” Government: E-Devlet Kapısı

“E” Government: E-Devlet Kapısı

With the development of technology, public institutions now use online services in a very intensive way. While hundreds of institutions are providing thousands of services to our citizens by using the e-Devlet Kapısı (e-Government Gate) infrastructure, time loss is also prevented. However, citizens have the opportunity to make public transactions wherever they can access the internet.

As of today, about 42 million people use the e-Devlet Kapısı, while the 560 institutions here offer about 4 thousand 500 services online to citizens.

New services on the e-Devlet Kapısı continue to be put into the use of our citizens. Recently 5 new services have been added. According to this; “Application of Risk Center Report”, “Electricity Services”, “Natural Gas Services”, “Vehicle Registration Inquiry for Legal Entities”, and “Apprenticeship, Mastery, Master Student and Business Registration Inquiry” services will be available online.

Which services are used the most on the e-Devlet Kapısı? We have put them together for you:


You can get information about all documents related to Social Security Institution (SGK), which are related to employees and retirees, such as service records, pension records, contributions to health care services in the SGK transactions, which is one of the most frequently visited e-Devlet Kapısı menus by employees and retirees. In addition, all your SGK Service Records or service records with a barcode that can be used in official transactions can be obtained through the system.


Access to the Ministry of Justice Case File Inquiry service can also be made easily by using the e-Devlet Kapısı by entering your ID number and password. You can find out if there is a lawsuit filed in your name or if you are involved via this inquiry. If you have a lawsuit filed in your name, this service gives you the basic case file information. In addition to this, the Execution Case File inquiry can be performed on the system. On the other hand, one of the necessary documents required in many transactions, your Criminal Record inquiry can be obtained via e-Devlet Kapısı and you can download the document, but no more than 4 times a day.


The inquiry of tax debt, which is used extensively by citizens and companies, can also be made easily through the e-Devlet Kapısı. Citizens who want to find out whether they have tax debts, can access the system and pay or restructure their debts. After logging in to the e-Devlet Kapısı with your password, click on e-Services and then click on Revenue Administration section. Here you can complete your transaction by choosing “tax debt inquiry” from the sub-services menu that will come up.


One of the most important services offered by the e-Devlet Kapısı is the traffic penalty inquiry process that makes things much easier for citizens. Now, you can learn if you have a ticket by only making a phone call instead of waiting for it to come home by mail. On the system, click on the “Ticket Written on the License Plate Inquiry” tab under the General Directorate of Security. After this process, you can see whether there is a traffic ticket written on a plate registered to your name within the last 1 year.


One of the most sought-after services offered through the e-Devlet Kapısı is the Land Records. This service is only available for registered persons with an ID number in the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS). If you have already registered in order to use the service e-Devlet Kapısı with your ID number and password, click on the link for Land Records Inquiry among the menu options of General Directorate of Land Registry Cadastre in the e-Services section, then the registered information will be displayed and from here you can use the map service. You can also see the status of your property (annotation, declaration, pledge, easement right) on the system.


One of the most used services has become the 5-Day Weather Forecast service provided by the General Directorate of Meteorology. The 5-Day weather forecast is easily accessible for 81 provinces of Turkey. Under this title, it is also possible to reach the water temperatures of all the seas surrounding our country, the temperatures of the important centers of the world and the daily weather forecasts.