4 projects to globalize
Imece that produces its own income model aiming to reveal social enterprise stories by introducing a new perspective on social affairs in Turkey is open to individuals and institutions that want to create social transformations and to entrepreneurs who want to create social-impact-oriented enterprises. The imece platform was designed as a structure that is open to every person from every profession and every age throughout Turkey. The four teams, concentrating on the process of solving educational-driven problems, were entitled to enter the incubation period and receive a total of € 120,000 grant. At this point, imece’s most important mission that makes a difference is to support teams that will produce solutions in social affairs with their projects… The 15 teams who had a chance to enter the pre-incubation period received extensive training and mentorship support as of March 25, 2017. Following the pre-incubation period ending on June 17, the jury selected four teams. The selected teams entered an incubation period of about 4 months, which included intensive training and mentoring support, as well as a grant of 30 thousand Euros so they could bring their projects to life.  In September, it is aimed to bring together the social entrepreneurship and ecosystem professionals and investors in London or Berlin, the center of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Europe, to develop new connections and relationships for the teams.

Hayal Gücü Merkezi and Minizma
Hayal Gücü Merkezi, which has reached approximately 3 thousand children with the ‘Question Curiosity Library’, ‘Kamil and Luna’s Log Book’ and ‘Can Do It Platforms’, will seek the answer to the question of ”How can we enable students to ask, discover and produce with their peers with common interests?” during the imece education period. The platform will gather children’s curiosities and skills and provide children with content and socialization opportunities in line with the collected information. Hayal Gücü Merkezi consists of Emre Alettin Keskin, Yiğit Tekşen, Engin Binbaş, Umur Ozan, Emre Kunt, Umut Aldemir, Nilay Kılınç and Aybüke Ebter. The Minizma team, who has a big experience in education with the bambuakademi, will focus on teachers who will have a huge effect in reaching students during the imece education period. The Minizma team which sets off from the question of “Can the resources, which are difficult to obtain, become more easily accessible for young primary or secondary school teachers who desire to increase interaction in their lessons?” aims to develop a free digital platform where teachers share content and materials such as various experiments and workshops they have practiced in their lessons. The Minizma team consists of M. Furkan Polat, R. Betül Gültekin, Feyza Nur Gemici, Esma Beyza Yıldız and Muammer Dolmacı.

Senfoni and Minizma
The Senfoni team, founded by members of the Başka Bir Okul Mümkün Derneği (BBOM) that reached many children through schools within the BBOM seeks answers for how to raise awareness among parents of children between 3-10 years old, who are from big cities and disconnected from nature and experience, to meet their children’s development needs through play. The team aims to have families in the same neighborhood meet with interactive, child-friendly web sites, and mobile apps. It aims the assimilation of families as a part of education and for both families and children to be able to spend quality time in their own neighborhoods, and not be disconnected from their neighborhoods. The Senfoni team consists of Etrit Shkreli, Aycan Y. Akçil, Erdem Ergin, İlke Kalaycı and Önder Küçükural. As for the Toyi team, they are focused on creating a game kit that is cheap, cost-effective, long-lasting, and that targets upcycling to support children aged 6-12 who cannot reach creative materials due to the situation they are in. The kit that produces toys through a three dimensional printer with a silicone fitting it contains allows children to explore their surroundings and transform the discovered objects into their own toys through imagination. The Toyi team is formed by Elif Atmaca and Ögeday Uçurum.