Entering Spring

Entering Spring

We left the cold, snowy, icy days behind and we welcomed the month of April when we would feel the arrival of the spring literally.

It is also difficult to dress in mid-seasons; extremely thick or excessively thin clothes can always leave us in difficult positions. Let’s see which pieces and colors are in the prominence in this month where we can basically throw aside thick coats and long boots and wear lighter outfits.


We will see warm yellows almost in every piece this spring. This color used by many brands in their fashion shows will be one of the basic colors in the next summer. This color you can use in your clothes or t-shirts is the cornerstone of the new season.


Cargo pants are back! For this spring, fashion designers were able to reintroduce cargo pants into our wardrobes without distinguishing between men and women. Remember to try the colorful ones when you prefer cargo pants, and keep in mind that for the summer months, the most trend color will be white.


A belt is an indispensable accessory; a complement to our outfit or even the star of it in some cases. Whether you use it for your skirt, dress or trousers, this year’s belts are large and cool. Combining together a gorgeous belt with your plain outfit will make you look stylish and elegant.


The fluffy arms of the 80s are reinterpreted in recent years. They are getting ready to take place in the basic parts of this spring. These fluffy arms we see in many fashion shows are used often in blouses, shirts and even dresses. Use this surprising detail on your pieces.


Color paints, which become the symbol of freedom and peace, are shown in the spring-summer collections. The dyed fabrics we encounter in the women and men’s collections will sometimes be in trousers and sometimes in t-shirts. It is also possible to interpret this style that will give you energy depending on your own style.